Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OMG Introducing Conservative Princess OMG!!♥❤

OMG Abuv L-R thats Deb, Lisa Chapman Conservative Princess & me Yay!

OMG so wen Deb & I 1st went on tha Twitter, 
we thot Sarah Palin was tha most butiful woman
in tha entire Democrap Party.
We didnt rilly know vry munch about politicational stuff, yo!
But than Conservative Princess xplaned 2 me that 
I was like Conservative like her,
& she like told me wat 2 think & say LOL
& she like tawt me how 2 do tha Twitter

& she was just basicly like TOTELLY BADASS & ultra-nice.
We wuld not hav evar gottin a following on tha Twitter w/o her
& so I wanna intervu her 1st 4 our new like conversative blog Yay!
ALICIA AMERICAN: OMG How did u 1st com 2B calld Conservative Princess?

CONSERVATIVE PRINCESS: I was given the title Conservative Princess by my best friend in the world Mikey.  We were talking one night and he said Conservative women are the best in the world. They raise up the best, strongest men.  He came up with Conservative Princess and gave me that title.

AA: What are the goals of your reign?

CP: My goal is to keep on fighting "the Good Conservative Fight", by educating people what's the difference between being conservative vs. liberal.  Fighting to save Our Country from the moral decay we find ourselves in. Also, even if you are in the minority, always stand up for what you believe.  Don't be afraid to speak what is right & truth no matter what.

AA: What do you like best and worst about Twitter?

CP: The best thing about Twitter is grouping yourself with like-minded people. We can learn from each other, share important info in a quick manner, and promote candidates.

If u culd say anything 2 evry1 in tha contry, wat wuld u say?

CP: To learn from the past. Everything repeats itself.  Socialism does not work.  We must stop this march down the road towards it now by electing Conservative candidates. 

Yay! Thanx Conservative Princess!

Coming lunchtime 2day: News storys u may have missd as reccamended by
Conservative Princess HERSELF!

I think Conservatives R tha most intresting peeps on tha Twitter OMG!
If u wuld like us 2 feeture & intervu u, pls email AliciaAmerican@gmail.com
& lets like make it happan yo Yay!

Join us on our twitter evry 2sday 4
Guest Tweeter Lisa Chapman

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