Tuesday, January 29, 2013


OMG new hedlines from Conservative Princess Yay!
1.  Hell on Earth: Inside Iran's Brutal Evin Prison

2.  Don't Gut Our Military: $150 Billion in Commonsense Proposals to Prevent Sequestration

3.  Court Rules Obama Violated Constitution

4.  Sheriff Joe Tells Washington NO on Federal Gun Laws

5.  Did You Know About Hollywoods Bombshell Megan Fox's Surprising Faith Background? Tongues, End Times, and the Anti-Christ


Thursday, January 24, 2013

News & T-Shirts Yay!

Im fillering in 4 Conservative Princess & Patt Riot 2day Yay!

US Citizen Faces Death For Christian Faith
Is NYC's Soda Law Racist?
Hillary Shouts: "What Difference Would It Make?"
5ive Questions For John Kerry
Pentagon Puts Women in Combat

OMG I dont like do tha hedlines thing as well as Lisa or Patt but I'll try 2 make up 4 it with this badass 3D pic of me & Deb waring 2 of our new #tcot t-shirts yo!

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OMG 2 vue tha abuv pic in 3D, X ur eyes til tha 2 wite dots meat in tha center yo!
2 vue tha pic B-low in 3D, u nead those red-blue 3D Glasses!

Theze R our new like #tcot t-shirts wich R on sail online Yay!
U can peep Deb's bettar in tha pic B-low:

Theze #tcot t-shirts, swetshirts & hoodys R ONLY 4 #tcot L8YS
& tha peeps who luv em yo!

Ciao lovers!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conservative Princess News 1/15/13

OMG Conservative Princess is BACK yo!

1.  Is Another Civil War on the Horizon?

2.  Obama Wants Men with Guns Around at All Times to Protect His Daughters, But Not Yours!

3.  Coulter: Doing the Research the New York Times Won't Do

4.  Burglars Hit Home of Gun Owner ID'd by Newspaper

5.  Obama Putting All His Chips on Gun Control

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