Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Recipe & a Rant yo!

OMG LOVERS! It's me & Patt Riot w/a badass Christmas Recipe we stole from Rich Bannon yo!
Only we took it & changeded it 2B like GLUTAN-FREE yo! #BADASS


3 Egg whites
1 cup 10x sugar
1/2 cup gluten-free saltines
1 cup chocolate chips (melted)

Beat eggs white to stiff not dry. add in sugar, spoon in saltines, add chocolate. Cook 12 minutes at 350 degrees on greased cookie sheets. If u don't hav glutan-free saltines, go HEAR: http://www.grouprecipes.com/16124/gluten-free-saltine-crackers.html
OMG TYSM 2 Slinkykatz on tha tweeter 4 this badass recipe Yay!

OMG LOVERS its thyme 4 anuthar rant by @CasualMeyhem OMG!

Subtle as an Atom Bomb: Sagging Hopes: Sagging Hopes I gather that MSNBC’s TourĂ© was horrendously offended by a Don Lemon comment on O’Reilly about saggy pants. So he accused... CLICK HEAR 2 reed tha REST yo


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Subtle as Casual Meyhem

#TCOT Headlines

Heritage: Conservatives Should Stay to the Right

PatriotUpdate: Did George Washington Predict the Future?

Godfather: Was the Census Falsified?

TheBlaze: Stonehenge Was Built for "Rock" Concerts!

CASUAL MEYHEM'S RANTSOur twitter friend @CasualMeyhem started his own rant blog Subtle as an Atom Bomb after we ceased posting here regularly, but recently he hasn't been posting regularly there either. We want to point out some of the badass stuff he's written and also ask you to please encourage him so that he goes back to his weekly rants! Here are some of our favorites that he's written:

Subtle as an Atom Bomb: Ground Rules:
All this infighting between the Tea Party and the Old Guard in the Republican Party has got to stop.  If we break the part...

Subtle as an Atom Bomb: Spun Out:
This week the Main Stream Media seems to have finally realized that they are chained to Obama’s bedpost and the house is on f...

Subtle as an Atom Bomb: Pressure:
Well, I’m not going to try and spin this as a win.  We lost.  That sucks, but there it is.  Obama care speeds onwards like th...

If you think those are great, check out the rest of the blog at http://subtleasanatombomb.blogspot.com
And please let CM know he's appreciated in some manner!
Happy December everyone! #TCOT

Thursday, September 12, 2013

CM Rant 9/12

Putin to the Rescue?!!?
Well, why not. To Putin, Obama is the gift that keeps on giving after all.  Obama’s willful stupidity that enables him to continue to push a bad idea into a full blown disaster long after it’s apparent that’s where we are headed, is invaluable to Putin.  I am grateful that Obama took the out at least. Thanks Ms. Jarrett.
Putin’s option does not change the fact that Obama keeps putting himself in this position, nationally as well as internationally.
Obamas pattern of mistakes is very simple, but as always he fails to see it. Whenever there is a crisis, real or manufactured, his reaction is to circle the intellectuals.  These academic “geniuses” then take at least a month to come up with the “perfect” solution.  Never mind that by the time they get there it is far too late to do anyone any good.  I seriously wonder if Obama is capable of making a snap decision at all. Not a good trait in the Commander in Chief.
“An executive is a person who always decides; sometimes he decides correctly, but he always decides.”---John H. Patterson
I love that quote. It exactly describes the problem with our president’s “leadership.” In simple terms, he has none. He’d rather vote “present.”  He always seems to be the first, and the last, to dither about everything.  I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened with Benghazi.  Also, we all remember how long he took to decide to kill Bin Laden.  Though he did in the end get it right, we were lucky that word did not get out of this leaky as a sieve administration before the attack could happen. 
What really gets me about Obama though is the refusal to learn from his mistakes.  I do not expect anyone to be perfect, but I do expect people to learn and go on to make new and different mistakes.  But not our President.  It’s almost as if he’s searching for the perfect disaster to put his, and our name on.
Assuming this whole Putin solution to Obama’s self-made crisis works, it still came about through dumb luck. 
Luck counts, but only a fool relies on it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Casus Belli
The Obama “red line” was painted by him in his run up to the election.  I suppose it made him sound tough or at least less weak.  It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, who’d remember a campaign speech?
For some reason or other, Bashar al Assad crossed that line anyway.  So strangely some people expected Obama to do what he said he’d do (you’d think we’d learn) and now we must do it, because his reputation is at stake andpeople are laughing at him!
One of the lessons the President has repeatedly failed to learn is that when you are POTUS, people remember what you say.  The fact that Obama has not only repeatedly failed to learn this lesson, but keeps acting surprised about it indicates a deliberate refusal to learn. I for one am getting awfully tired of watching our good men and women pay the price for his refusal to learn that simple lesson.  The President is not a child, and we can’t afford to let him act like one.
Don’t get me wrong, Assad is scum.  Even if he did not order that attack, it is still his responsibility, because that is in the dictator’s job description.  You know, that job that he is killing so many people to keep.  Regardless of who played with Assad’s toys, they are his toys and they were used on his watch.  I have on many prior occasions held Obama to that basic standard of responsibility (Benghazi) so none of this is new.
But now that the bully has proven that he’s a bully by gassing civilians in spite of the still wet “red line”, Obama is expected to do something.  So he ran to the playground monitor and asked if it was ok to break the bully’s toys.
The playground monitor, not caring to be responsible, sent him to ask the principal. The Principal decided that this was a crisis and called the bully’s dad (Putin) who, surprise, surprise, doesn’t want his kid’s toys broken, and threatened to break some of Obama’s toys.
Meanwhile the PTA (UN) has been summoned to get to the bottom of this, and will no doubt do so before the end of next year.  Impatient amidst the giggling, Obama has decided to just ask the student council (Congress) if it’s ok to break the bully’s toys, (and if it’s not OK, he might just do it anyway.) and here we are.
After all this permission asking, there’s no good way to break the toys.  If he was going to do it, he should have just done it.  But he didn’t. Now that he’s asked everyone and their brother for permission that he is never going to get, it’s too late.
His ego is just not enough of a reason to attack. Obama, and the rest of us, have been laughed at by all these same people for five years now.  It’s not going to kill him or us. Who knows, if he learns something it won’t be a total loss, but I’m not holding my breath.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Rants by CasualMeyhem

OMG hello its ME Debbie American Hooray!
Im fillering in 4 Lee who intended a like rubut weddering ystrdy #BADASS
So like @CasualMeyhem sent in 2 (too) rants & I dont wana reed ethar 1 of em
cuz both of em R about Smily Vyrus yo. 
I think he wanted me 2 like CHOOZE 1?
Of tha 2 (to)?
But Y dont I just like leeve that up 2 u bye Hooray

Growth is Painful

Finally found a link to Miley Cyrus’ act at the VMA’s.  After all the horrid things I heard on Twitter this morning, I just had to watch it.  Like it was disaster footage or something, I had to see. Well, I saw.
I am reminded that growth is painful. It never goes as planned…and while there are no rules per se, there are always consequences that were unexpected and that one is totally not prepared for. Also, everyone involved will look like an idiot at some time or another. Like that performance.
Of course, in a week nobody but those directly involved will care. So I’m writing about the other thing I saw a lot of on twitter and, strangest of all, why I am hopeful about it. You see, this is what growth looks like.
Anyone who follows Twitter may have noticed that there is at the moment, a trend, I’ll call a Zimmerman backlash, directed at the media mostly.  Pretty much any black on white crime is being used to slap around the MSM’s unequal coverage on race.  I’ll spare you examples, but they are easy to find, and hard to dodge at the moment.
Now, nobody is saying that racism does not exist. I have no use for the KKK and their ilk, but there is no acceptable reason I should tolerate black racisim either.  It’s the same poison in different hands, all deadly and indiscriminate in its use.
For decades even the mere accusation of racism was enough to end careers.  Lately however, there’s been so much race-baiting that people are becoming sick of it.  Some proof of racism is now required. That’s thrown many old race-baiters off of their game and they are not happy.  “Oh for the days when the accusation was enough” I picture them saying.  Whether you want to say the race card has been overdrawn or any other cutesy way of putting it, finally the accuser must provide evidence. That strikes me as fair.
Another thing, and this might be even more important. The black community is being forced finally, to look at the toleration of racism within itself. The whole idea that a black person cannot ever, ever be a racist is pretty much shot. Toleration of racism is as bad as racism itself. It perpetuates the problem by making it consequence free, or so I was taught about white racism. Equality is not always easy.
Nothing I am saying is new.  It’s all been said-mostly by black people to white people. If however, we want true racial equality, we must all use the same set of standards.  Getting used to new rules is aggravating beyond belief, even if the new rules are better than the old ones. But they are still the new rules. Adjust, or get used to being unhappy.
So you see, I believe we are growing. It’s awkward and painful and there are zits, hormones, strange new hair and ever-present unforeseen consequences. Yet I truly believe this will make us better in the end. So weirdly, I am actually hopeful.
And If I look like an idiot, well, I’ve had much more practice than poor Miley Cyrus.
I expect growth to be painful.


My father, god rest his soul, told me more than once that at some point every generation decides that it invented sin.  At the time, that was way too close to the mark, since I perfected sin! As it happens, all those lectures become relevant at some point or another.
This morning when I got on twitter, the big news was Miley Cyrus giggling her butt like she was in the kind of Jello commercials I always thought they should make, in Jr. High.
I could not believe all the hype. How bad could this be? I had to see for myself.  So I did, and sadly a little more innocence has burned away…or not. 
C’mon guys, this happens at least every other year.  Somebody, sometimes a Disney kid, sometimes not, discovers sex and wants to share it with the world.  Somehow they forget that without sex they would not be here and they have to tell everyone. Or worse yet show everyone. I’m hoping Miley gets it out of her system before the sex tape, but face it, the odds are not good.
I had the fortune, call it good or bad, to be in Jr High & High School during Madonna’s climb and the inevitable burnout. I remember it well, or at least well enough that I am not itching to watch it all happen again.
I was never a huge fan of her music, but I didn’t hate it either.  Her voracious business sense and her skill at shocking a few dollars more out of the pockets of her fans however was unrivaled, while it lasted.
The problem with shocking people for a living, especially in the internet age, is you run out of shock value.  Then it goes something like this:
Friend: “Hey, did you hear what Madonna did now? She _____ with a ____ right on stage!”
Me: “What, again?”
You see the problem? Everyone burned out.  Madonna went away for almost a decade before a nostalgia comeback was available to her. Even then she had to rely on the faux-corruption of Brittany Spears as I recall.  I was seriously underwhelmed. She had actual talent, but that’s not what she will be remembered for.
It seems Miley, who also has actual talent, is determined to follow that path.  I find that sad, but not so sad it will ruin my day. Or even my next 15 minutes. She has other better options, although I suppose it is obvious that she has more money than sense at this point.  We shall see.
At least she should talk to Gene Simmons about the tongue thing, hers is just gross.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New CM Rant Yay

OMG Lovers new pic by Zook Zangsten yo:http://twitpic.com/d8wg9q#BADASS
Bias or Buy Us?

It seems to be one or the other these days.  The common thread I found during my daily dive through the news is that what used to be the MSM has a strong liberal bias and seems to be going out of business.
I’m just shocked.  Why would people stop watching or reading news that insults them while telling them what to think?  It’s not like there is a whole internet full of non-insulting opinion at their fingertips.  Oh, wait…
The saddest part is these guys could stay in business by doing one simple thing.  Quit insulting half of their potential customers.
It’s very similar to the reason Jay Leno annihilates his competition.  He does not ignore and insult the 49% of the country that is conservative.  (Are you listening Jimmy Fallon? If you want to succeed, that is how you do it.) These media outlets are killing each other for just barely over half of the available audience by insulting the other half of the potential audience on a daily basis.  Then they howl about the death of traditional media when they themselves are killing it by making sure that I and millions of others change the channel or don’t buy the paper.
Perhaps it’s mean, but whenever I see yet another story about low ratings or losing money hand over fist or poor circulation, I am not thinking “gosh that’s horrible.” What I am thinking is “Good Riddance.”  Or sometimes “Where’s the popcorn?”
The only reason I ever watch CNN is to watch Piers Morgan get beat up.  CNN and MSNBC stay in business onlybecause they are part of the basic cable package.  Literally, that’s it.
Now CNN and MSNBC are going to play the victim because in response to their upcoming four hour commercials for Hillary Clinton, the GOP is not going to let them host primary debates or provide “moderators” whose sole purpose is to make all the candidates look bad.  We should have done that for the last election but by all means let’s do it now.
Still, since the democrats aren’t happy about that, let me offer another possibility.  I could personally moderate the democratic primary debates.  It’s no trouble, really.  I won’t even charge – too much.
What can I say – I’m a nice guy.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post Office Photographing Your Mail

Hi it's me @PattRiot209 filling in for Alicia and Debbie while they're on vacation in Romania! I hope to do a good job filling in but I also hope you guys can be patient with me, as I'm not getting paid or anything and I'm doing the best I can to help Huzzah!
And now a rant from our friend @CasualMeyhem:
Decimate: kill one person in 10: to kill one out of every ten people in a group, especially in a body of mutinous soldiers.   (via Bing Dictionary)
My favorite evil dwarf Greg Gutfeld just banned my rant. I am therefore going to do it anyway. Can’t leave the little fella without something to complain about…
For a long time now, the Obama administration has been bragging about how they have decimated the leadership of Al Qaeda.   They aren’t wrong; they’ve killed at least one in 10 of the upper leadership.  Problem is, all those leaders were replaced almost instantly. And when we kill the new ones, they will be replaced once again.
Remember that Kurt Russell movie The Thing?  Al Qaeda is like the Thing. When you cut its head off, the head grows legs and eye-tentacles and hisses at you.  Meanwhile the body grows a new head and the threat continues.
Now some will ask “How dare I suggest it’s hopeless?!!?” I am suggesting no such thing.  Think of it as cleaning your house.  I once suggested to my parents that I cleaned my room last week so I didn’t have to ever do it again. That went about the way you would expect- It seems I didn’t have to leave my room except to eat and go to the bathroom ever again either.  Or, I could clean my room again.  It was entirely up to me.
It’s that way with Al Qaeda too. There is always going to be a group or two that wants to destroy us for whatever reason. Used to be the U.S.S.R. and some folks here and there can’t get that out of their heads…..but that’s a different rant.
Let’s take my example into adulthood.  You’ve cleaned your house.  It’s clean!  But then you decide you never have to do it again, so you don’t.  The dirt and molds and bugs take advantage.  They move in and set up shop.  A year or so later you get a nice talking to by the city.  If you are very lucky, you get to star in an episode of Hoarders and a nice trained mental health professional tries to keep you distracted while they clean for you, but probably not.
What usually happens is that the city quickly loses all patience with excuses.  They condemn your house (locking you out of it) and send a mob of city workers over to throw away anything not nailed down. If they can pry it up, it’s not nailed down. Then they send you a cleaning bill you can’t pay along with a list of things you have to fix (but can’t afford) if you want to move back in. You can’t do that, so the city eventually takes your house and sells it to the highest bidder.
That’s the problem with Obama’s policies.  He thinks we’re done.  He honestly thinks we are no longer in a war on terror, because we “Decimated their leadership.”  He might want to tell them that. I don’t think they know. Or care.
It’s a constant thing.  You don’t stop just because you had some success.  If not the U.S.S.R. then It’s Al Qaeda.  If not Al Qaeda, then it’s someone else.  Defense is not a one-time thing.  It’s done every day, all the time, or someone takes advantage.  Would you fire all the police because the crime rate drops?  I’m guessing no…. Crime did not stop just because they jailed Capone. War will not stop because you killed some people.  Imagining it would is the height of foolishness.
Evil will always be sufficient unto the day.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


OMG new intervu w/us by tha supar-GR8 Jill Pavel yo!
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OMG 2day's rant from @CasualMeyhem is about NYC!!
OMG we luv u Casual Meyhem! XOXOXO
Honestly, New York City?
Really?  You need THIS?!!?
I’m more than a little inclined to support Weiner, just so I have someone to mock when Bloomberg is gone.  I have to admit though, you didn’t deserve the billionaire dietician and you don’t deserve a rogue flasher either.  Granted lobbying for his support couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need to do is send him a bunch of dirty pictures, and he’s in your pocket.  Exactly how many sweet young things is he going to set up in private apartments before you get offended? I hope the answer is zero.
I get really angry whenever some public official’s sexual habits suddenly become my business.  I really didn’t want to know. I was happier not knowing.  But if he can’t keep his own business under control, how is this guy supposed to be managing yours?
Democrats like to make believe that there is a war on women by the right, but then you back guys like this?  Or San Diego Mayor Bob Filner?  Elliot Spitzer the would-be comptroller? Google away people, seriously!  No, I don’t know how in the hell Gov. Sanford got elected as a Representative, but I didn’t and do not support him.  The message sent when you tolerate this sort of behavior is that you expect everyone else to tolerate it too.  Did you know that includes your sisters, cousins and mothers as well as mine?  It does. And as far as the creep is concerned, if you elect him anyway, he has your blessing.  Think about that.
Think about that before you accuse me of a “War on Women” most especially.
I know Weiner is down in the polls. 4th I heard.  Still perhaps my little nudge will be contributory in nipping this in the bud.  Don’t swap the Nanny Mayor for a Pervert Mayor. Don’t make this horrible mistake… AGAIN.






BTW we LUV Zook Zangsten, we R his girls! XOXOXOxoxoxoxoxo

Pls B nice 2 @DebbieAmerican who is doing tha @ThoseUSAGirls twitter 2day.
Her new bf is vry conservative & she's just lerning about lots of stuff LOL.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Abraham Lincoln Historic Sight!

Click 2 Embiggen
 OMG Chekitout! We wer leening agenst this wall & it turns out its a HISTORIC SIGHT associ8ed with tha 1st republican Prez EVAR, Abraham Lincoln yo! How badass is THAT? omg
OK I just wanted 2 share that LOL!
& now 4 tha NEWS:

Spell Check by an Anomalous Boy






PLUS: Check out http://www.webuiltthatnetwork.com/ 4 LOTS MORE NEWS and EXCLUSIVE NEW IMAGES by @ImpeachTheIdiot Yay!
This next part is not by us, its by @CasualMeyhem Yay!
“Oh, I’m way past mad. I’m all the way to thoughtful.”  - AAHZ
I am, through training, inclination and personal experience, a practitioner of Overkill Doctrine.  It is a thing that usually serves me well.  People make fun of you when you use a bazooka to kill cockroaches, but the cockroaches don’t.  Even if you find them.
Two weeks ago it did NOT serve me well. It was the Zimmerman thing of course.  I wrote a paper on racism that was frankly not very nice.  Usually I attempt to make people think, because something you figure out on your own sticks with you much better than a lecture. But being as I was actually mad, I got way too brutal with my attacks.  I actually owe my patrons a big thank you, because they pulled me up short, as they should have.
I decided, for my own ego, or maybe to get it out of my system, to try it again.  I spent a good bit of time checking news articles and taking notes this morning. Then, staring at them a minute ago, I realized regurgitating all that info not only would be overkill, but others have, can, and will again, do it much better than I ever could.  So what’s left?
Zimmerman in a nutshell: A Hispanic man followed, against 911’s advice, a 17 year old black minor, and shot and killed him in what evidence supported and a jury decided was self-defense. Somehow this is all supposed to be the fault of white racists.
We’ve all heard that “White people are racist,” to insane levels while this case has been going on.  I’ve also heard in the past that “Black people are criminals,” and “Hispanic people are lazy illegal aliens.”  It does not take a rocket scientist to decide that the latter two are racism at work. Logic would say that is the case with the first as well, but for some reason “White people are racist,” gets a pass.  Funny how people justify their own racism as if brought down from the mountain by Moses.
Indeed racism against whites is the only way white people are involved in this mess at all, as neither Martin nor Zimmerman is white.  But it keeps coming back in the press like a bad penny. Chris Matthews even apologized for “all white people.”  The term “White Guilt” is in vogue at the moment, but all it really means is self-hate.  There is nothing new or exciting about that. 
This is America.  Americans are consciously not responsible for what our ancestors did, only for what we ourselves do. It’s one of the reasons so many people come here. Until people figure that out, there will be no end to racism. How could there be?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Built That Network & Casual Meyhem Yay!

OMG Lovers! Rather than bring you a bunch of headlines, today I want to tell you about
by Alicia American
as dictated to someone who can spell

OMG LOVERS! Evry1 knows how much I like love @ImpeachTheIdiot because he's such a sweetie yo! But did you know he's like part of this whole WEB SITE about American Exceptionalism? Well, he IS and you can find that site,
called We Built That Network or WBTN,
at http://www.webuiltthatnetwork.com Yay!
One of their stars is WAR CHICK (shown above) OMG she's so badass!
You can check her out @ THIS URL Yay!
Recently she was on the Dr. Gina show, you can watch a video of that HERE.
They also have a new radio show which premiered last night starring
the mega-badass 1SupremeGoddess (shown above) Yay!
You can check that show out @ THIS ADDRESS!
But probably the biggest star of WBTN is Daria (shown above) who seems to like run the entire operation as far as I can tell!

OMG There's so much more at this site than I can tell you about in this short profile!
If you're a conservative American, you owe it to yourself to check out WBTN at least once to find out if they're your cup of Tea Party yo!
And if you like it there, please tell 'em Alicia sent you!
OMG Now its time 4 @CasualMeyhem's rant! OMG I didnt reed this yet, I hope its gud LOL
The Fruit of all Evil
Face it, this has been a dark month.
The Zimmerman trial is finally over, but nobody is celebrating.  In fact, we may end up doing it all again.  Border security is a wash.  Immigration is a wash.  Egypt’s new “democracy” is dead at the scene.  Coptic Christians are butchered for sport in Africa while Obama lectures them about the joys of Gay Marriage.  Iran continues its slow creep toward a nuke.  Nelson Mandela is dying.  A soldier is butchered on the streets of London. And God help you if you have anything to do with soccer in Brazil!  Apparently the fans bring their own rocks to throw.  Just in case.
With all of this going on, perhaps we should take this opportunity to face up to the greatest evil of our time, or of any time. True Evil loves to stay hidden in pretty packages right out in plain sight where it can corrupt the unsuspecting all unknowing with the seeds of its vileness.
Indeed, the color red has been etched in our (human) racial memory. Across all cultures, it’s a warning. Stop. Danger. Don’t do it. This will be bad, even as something in our nature draws us to it. The red Ferrari, the woman in red, even my fellow Gingers.
We court this evil, thinking that we are in control...but it’s just not true. A little is never enough.  We must have more, more, MORE! Such is the twisted seduction perpetrated upon us all the way back to the Garden of Eden.
I am speaking of course about the originator of all sin in mankind- the Fruit of all Evil which mankind has lusted after since the beginning.
I know, you have been taught that the villain is the Apple, but you are mistaken.  A simple lie in the beginning is often more useful than the most detailed fiction is later.  Such is the genius of the Devil. Think. What could be more wholesome than Mom and apple pie?  Johnny Appleseed feeding pioneers? These are not evil! Also, apples come in many colors besides the stereotypical red. I understand the green ones are best for cooking. No, the Apple is not the culprit. That is diabolical misinformation perpetrated by the Master of Lies!
No the true culprit is, and always has been the Strawberry.
And the fact that I loathe them has nothing to do with it.  Honest.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Casual Meyhem's Rant for 6/25/2013 Yay

OMG Lovers, "modesty" gets re-dafined wen tha temps hit 90 yo OMG!
Hears tha L8est rant by @CasualMeyhem. This is NOT by me or Deb.
If u luv it or H8 it, pls tell @CasualMeyhem Yay!
Politically Correct Degenerative Disorder
Gone are the days of simple prioritization. Not only is everything absolutely equally vital, but full emotional engagement is required at all times.  Histrionics are the order of the day! We are carefully trained to value a public meltdown more than the simple fact. Having priorities is wrong you see.  We are all morally obligated by PCDD to suffer the neurosis of caring about absolutely everything deeply and equally at all times. 
Some jerk called for the murder of the children of all those who disagree with him a while back. (Hi, Alec!)  But he passionately wants to murder children! It must be OK!  He really cares after all!  And how dare I remember after all this time, much less value children more than his feelings.
Consider, if you don’t want to by birth control for Sandra Fluke, you are against all birth control because you don’t care.  You Monster!(How much for a chastity belt anyway?)
And how dare you not be concerned for the plight of all those turtles who want to cross the road! It’s not like they are cows!  I can eat cows! (Oops, racist again?  Dammit.)
Or, let’s even take a real issue – Gay marriage.
I don’t care. Do it, or don’t do it. I am unwilling to waste thought or emotion on the issue.  Even less will I spend carefully hoarded political capitol on an issue that matters less to me than making sure I get my coffee in the morning. In fact, my representatives should feel free to use that issue as a negotiating point with either side to gain something that I care about.  I will even be disappointed if they don’t. Are you getting the idea?
But that position is going to get me reams of hate tweets, and maybe even make me the subject of some other rants, (I hope!) from both sides.  With a little luck, I will be spending the next few weeks as an Anti-Christian Homophobe, in spite of my support of both camps on other issues in the past, and probably in the future.
Even in the face of easily preventable disaster, (Which Gay marriage is not, but try to tell someone that…) we simply can’t risk anyone getting their feelings hurt. They could be scarred for life and it will be our, or my, fault. (Damn, I’ve got broad shoulders!)
Now for the degenerative part:  This also means that children will never learn to not be lead around by their emotions. No thick skins here! The new bully will be the kid who throws the best temper tantrum, ruling by the terror of hurt feelings.  This is progress?
An example of bullying for you:  Not too long ago a kid got in trouble for eating a Pop-Tart into the shape of the letter “L”.  The teacher promptly decided that it was shaped like a gun, and  the teachers feelings were hurt by the depiction of this evil thing! Not the kid’s feelings, but the teacher’s feelings! Oh woe is me! Children are so violent!  Guilt trips flew fast and thick at the kid, the parents, and anyone who dared to think that this so called grown-up was throwing a temper-tantrum worthy of John McEnroe. Not only had that, but the school, backed the teacher up! What the hell?  You send your kids to school to learn this?  I suppose we are now going to pull the number 7 and the capital “L” out of the curriculum? So-“Who cares about math and English?   This is education dammit!” becomes the order of the day.
This is why it’s a degenerative disorder. The political correctness quickly spirals out of control as whole segments of the population decide they must go along to get along. Then they turn into jellyfish, or any other spineless creature you despise but won’t name for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.  This emotional fragility then becomes normal, as children learn to be weak emotional cripples, doing anything to not hurt anyone’s feelings under any circumstances.
Ponder this while I await my Red Light-saber in the mail.  After all, the Dark Side has a few perks.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Casual Meyhem Rant 6/18/2013 Yay

The Short Confused Life of Edward Snowden
As much as I wanted to write this week’s rant on the medical issue of PCDD (Politically Correct Degenerative Disorder) I have decided that the Short Confused Life of Edward Snowden should take precedence.
Poor bastard.
Snowden’s disclosure of the NSA phone record system and subsequent release of the existence of PRISM, precipitated a new crisis for the Obama Administration. They evidently felt that they did not have enough problems or that Snowden would be a good distraction from the ones they already have.  You’d think they’d figure out that there are drawbacks to hiding a mess by making a bigger mess. Maybe they are really as incompetent as they keep telling us.  Either way the Obama administration has once again screwed the pooch. They should really consider getting fixed before we are drowning in puppies.
I should not have been surprised by the existence of the phone record system.  Computer programmer’s almost always build in a way to keep track of what their programs are doing, if only so they can fix them. These days computers run the phones.  I’m guessing most of the work was already there. The main difference being that now the Government looks at it and keeps a copy forever.
If anything PRISM is even less complicated.  I don’t know the technical details, but I have long said that anything done on line is done IN PUBLIC.  Anyone who thinks differently is a fool.  Seems I was even more right than I thought.  I gather by the rate of their disappearance, that even those hackers from Anonymous have a hard time staying anonymous. I, and probably you, are simply not that skilled.
As for Mr. Snowden, at this point it no longer matters whether he was paid by the Chinese or anyone else.  He may have forgotten that the Chinese own Hong Kong these days, but I promise you the Chinese remember.
Quite frankly I expect him to be scooped up, maybe with a Chinese cover story maybe not, and spend the next decade or so trying to remember every punctuation mark of every classified document he has ever heard of.  They are going to go after that info with a melon-baller, and from there I expect things to get unpleasant for him.  Somebody better figure out what he knew, because whatever his plan, his memory is now Chinese property.
Is it possible that he was just a Boy-Scout who intended to do the right thing?  Sure. Stupidity has no limits that I am aware of.  God may care about his motives, but I don’t know them and it would not change anything if I did.  China has him now. The only reason that I think that may have been the plan the whole time is that it’s hard to believe that he forgot that who owns Hong Kong.  Did a sweet young thing blowing in his ear put the idea in his head?   It’s not a big stretch to reach the rest of my conclusions considering the stellar human rights record of China.
To prove me wrong, all he has to do is leave.
 Anyone want to send me the Vegas odds on that?
As alwys pls send all luv or H8 2 @CasualMeyhem & not us Yay!