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Casual Meyhem's Rant for 6/25/2013 Yay

OMG Lovers, "modesty" gets re-dafined wen tha temps hit 90 yo OMG!
Hears tha L8est rant by @CasualMeyhem. This is NOT by me or Deb.
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Politically Correct Degenerative Disorder
Gone are the days of simple prioritization. Not only is everything absolutely equally vital, but full emotional engagement is required at all times.  Histrionics are the order of the day! We are carefully trained to value a public meltdown more than the simple fact. Having priorities is wrong you see.  We are all morally obligated by PCDD to suffer the neurosis of caring about absolutely everything deeply and equally at all times. 
Some jerk called for the murder of the children of all those who disagree with him a while back. (Hi, Alec!)  But he passionately wants to murder children! It must be OK!  He really cares after all!  And how dare I remember after all this time, much less value children more than his feelings.
Consider, if you don’t want to by birth control for Sandra Fluke, you are against all birth control because you don’t care.  You Monster!(How much for a chastity belt anyway?)
And how dare you not be concerned for the plight of all those turtles who want to cross the road! It’s not like they are cows!  I can eat cows! (Oops, racist again?  Dammit.)
Or, let’s even take a real issue – Gay marriage.
I don’t care. Do it, or don’t do it. I am unwilling to waste thought or emotion on the issue.  Even less will I spend carefully hoarded political capitol on an issue that matters less to me than making sure I get my coffee in the morning. In fact, my representatives should feel free to use that issue as a negotiating point with either side to gain something that I care about.  I will even be disappointed if they don’t. Are you getting the idea?
But that position is going to get me reams of hate tweets, and maybe even make me the subject of some other rants, (I hope!) from both sides.  With a little luck, I will be spending the next few weeks as an Anti-Christian Homophobe, in spite of my support of both camps on other issues in the past, and probably in the future.
Even in the face of easily preventable disaster, (Which Gay marriage is not, but try to tell someone that…) we simply can’t risk anyone getting their feelings hurt. They could be scarred for life and it will be our, or my, fault. (Damn, I’ve got broad shoulders!)
Now for the degenerative part:  This also means that children will never learn to not be lead around by their emotions. No thick skins here! The new bully will be the kid who throws the best temper tantrum, ruling by the terror of hurt feelings.  This is progress?
An example of bullying for you:  Not too long ago a kid got in trouble for eating a Pop-Tart into the shape of the letter “L”.  The teacher promptly decided that it was shaped like a gun, and  the teachers feelings were hurt by the depiction of this evil thing! Not the kid’s feelings, but the teacher’s feelings! Oh woe is me! Children are so violent!  Guilt trips flew fast and thick at the kid, the parents, and anyone who dared to think that this so called grown-up was throwing a temper-tantrum worthy of John McEnroe. Not only had that, but the school, backed the teacher up! What the hell?  You send your kids to school to learn this?  I suppose we are now going to pull the number 7 and the capital “L” out of the curriculum? So-“Who cares about math and English?   This is education dammit!” becomes the order of the day.
This is why it’s a degenerative disorder. The political correctness quickly spirals out of control as whole segments of the population decide they must go along to get along. Then they turn into jellyfish, or any other spineless creature you despise but won’t name for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.  This emotional fragility then becomes normal, as children learn to be weak emotional cripples, doing anything to not hurt anyone’s feelings under any circumstances.
Ponder this while I await my Red Light-saber in the mail.  After all, the Dark Side has a few perks.

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