Monday, March 25, 2013

News for 3/25/2013 Yay!

OF the People, BY the People, FOR the People ~  on Twitpic
OMG Click on tha abuv 2C @ImpeachTheIdiot's new Pic Yay!

OMG Happy #MilitaryMonday Hear R 2days Hedlines Yay!

FOXNews: 49 Percent Now Favor Gay Marriage-- Up from 32% in 10 Yrs

TheBLAZE: Teacher Fired For Abortion Views?

PatriotUpdate: Washington State to Issue Abortion Insurance

ConservativeByte: University Selects Weather Underground Bomber as "Visiting Scholar"

Godfather: Comcast Champions Gun Violence But Bans Gun Ads

Thursday, March 21, 2013

#TCOT Thurzday News 3/21/2013

(including "How To Shoot a Rifle" shown abuv)

2days News Yay!

FOXNews: Rockets Hit Israel During Obama Visit

OMG Im not sure if I get tha pic 2day by @ImpeachTheIdiot: Take a Big Gulp of Liberty America ~  on Twitpic
It seams 2B sumthing about Tina Fay?
I nevar watchd her show, so thats probly
Y I dont get it LOLLOL


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19th 2013 Conservative Princess News Yay!

New funny pic by @ImpeachTheIdiot:
OBAMA - "You will NEVER be me." ~  on Twitpic
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2Day's Hedlines by Conservative Princess Yay!

1.  Obama-devil Resemblance on 'The Bible' Sets Off Firestorm

OMG Did u know conservative chicks can rock PINK HARE?

Well now u know yo srsly #BADASS


Monday, March 18, 2013

3/18/2013 News yo!

2days News Yay!

FOXNews: UN Revives NRA-Opposed Arms Trade Treaty 
TheBLAZE: Is Pope Francis a Socialist?
PatriotUpdate: Karl Rove in Cat Fight with Sarah Palin
Godfather: Oklahoma Passes Anti-Obamacare Bill
LifeNews: Pro-Choice Pelosi To Attend Pope Inaugural

OMG @ImpeachTheIdiot has a like RELIGIOUS pic up 2day AWWW!

OMG so like @CasualMeyhem has a 2nd rant/column yo.
His apinions R not ours (we dont evan undarstend his tweets LOL)!
OMG we nead a like masthed 4 his like rants yo srsly.
Until than hears:

Mocking Points
by @CasualMeyhem
Oh the joys of the New York diet!  If I’m following correctly, Bloomberg has banned salt, trans-fats, large sodas, and private donations to food banks (since he can’t monitor the content).  I hear ear-buds are next.
It’s not like this sort of thing is new.  There have been Nazi dieticians far longer than there have been Nazis. What annoys me is that Bloomberg is getting away with it. And he’s going to keep doing it as long as he gets away with it. He can’t help himself. This is not a left/right issue.  It’s a “Get your damn nose out of my business” issue.  Even people who agree with him would rather he spent time on actual Mayor-stuff, like blaming the bed shortage in homeless shelters on people who own private jets.
Twenty years ago, there’s no way a politician would have done this because he knew that it would make him the subject of night show monologues for a month.  It seems we can’t count on that anymore. God forbid we hurt a politician’s feelings. They just don’t have a thick enough skin for it.
But Guess what? That’s our fault. You just don’t get a thick skin without being made fun of and we have completely stopped mocking political stupidity.  Some would have us believe that smart people don’t do stupid stuff.  That’s just not true. In fact, smart people not only do stupid stuff, they do it faster and more efficiently.  (Or so I’m told, honest.) In fact, fairly smart people seem to believe that if you like a politician you should just let him promote any stupid policy that flit’s through his brain.  Now that’s stupid and simply not true.
With that in mind I have taken it upon myself to present a few “Mocking Points” to get you started. Feel free to add as many more as you like. It’s pretty fun actually.
I have a mommy and it’s not Bloomberg.
Stop and frisk now to include checking for clean underwear.
I’m still waiting for Bloomberg to change my diaper.
I’m gonna make a fortune smuggling  trans –fats.
He only want’s our earbuds so we can’t drown him out.
I’m holding all the Cheezy Poofs hostage until I get my big gulps back.
He was gonna feed the homeless to the hungry but  they are too fat.
Is he doing my laundry too?
Let the mocking commence!

OMG We luv u Casual Meyhem Yay!
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

News 4 Pie Day yo omg

OMG LOVERS! Its MOI & Im back with all tha news its like FASHENABLE 2 know Yay!
As U can C abuv, I put on glasses 2day so that my news choices wuld B SMRTerer yo!

FOXNews: Dems Advance Assault Weapons Ban


Godfather: If You Breathe, You Might Be a Terrorist!

PatriotUpdate: Conserv Radio Host Says Repubs Have Death Wish!

NY Post: Career Girls By Day, Strippers for Wall Street By Night

Oh, New York Post, how we luv ur like classyniss yo!

Tha new pic by @ImpeachTheIdiot is about how he duznt like Obama!
BREAKING: Studies show Obama has not changed ~  on Twitpic

OK tha news is afficially ovar but as long as ur hear I wanted 2 share sumthing I like found on tha YT yo. Its not like "HARD NEWS" but its like obviusly importint 2 any1 out their with a fashion sence LOL

Darlings, u'll thank me aftr watchering this 1, trust me.
XSPESHALLY if u live in NYC yo LOL omg
Also, I want 2 commant on this next vid:

"How 2 Make Hi-Heals COM4TIBLE?"
Like WAAT? OMG dear Im like 4'8" sanz heals, I like nead my Christian Louboutins just 2B tall enuff 2 ride tha grownup rides @ Dizney yo! Ive worn hi-heals so long that my feat hurt if I walk 2 tha shower in tha AM bearfoot yo! If my Daddy byes me flats, I give them 2 tha pour 99%er peeps out in Bklyn yo LOL (OK I give them 2 Slavation Army LOL).
My point is this:
If ur like NOT com4tible in hi-heals, perhaps its just NOT tha like LIFESTYLE 4 U!
Possibly ur ment 2B a like charwomen scrubbering offices @ nite on 1 of thoze TV shows about offices. Or evan in a like REEL office I gess, if thay actully have those in reel life.
If ur going 2B fabulus darling, u'd bettar work it full-time yo.
Theirs nuthing us badass supercool poseurs like WURST then a like FAKE POSEUR yo ucch!

OMG Speeking of witch, hears our new Bigfoot documentry we did last nite Yay!

Bigfoot is news! Bigfoot is HARD news yo! BADASS!

OMG wat elce? Oh rite badass rizing contry music starlet
@MarySarahMusic has a new music vid up Yay!!

So pls check that out cuz shes tha badasserest girl in Texas yo!

OK umm I think we'll B back 2moro 4 more newsy fun OMG Yay!
Ciao lovers!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Casual Meyhem Premieres Hooray!

"Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act" #TPGFA ~  on Twitpic
2day's Funy Pic by @ImpeachTheIdiot Yay!

LifeNews: Pro-Life Texas Senator Vows To Defund Obamacare

TheBLAZE: Lib MSNBC Hostess FREAKS OUT re: Soda Ban Overturn

Godfather: Where Are the Principled Liberals?

Heritage: New Common Sense Re-Defining Marriage

& Now what we hope will be the first in a long line of rants from the very smart
So, what IS your problem?
by @CasualMeyhem It used to be such an obvious question.  However we can count on the lawyers in D.C. to complicate anything, and they have.  Apparently the question is not even taught anymore, which confuses kids and frustrates adults.
What are your Responsibilities?  What are those things that you are responsible for getting right or making right, whether it’s your fault or not.
For instance : your pets or your children.  It’s not your fault that your kid fell of the swing and broke his arm. You didn’t tell him to do that. You may have told him not to do that. (More than once in my case.) It’s still your problem though.
A parent will get the kid, take him to the emergency room, even if the Super Bowl is on, get the arm set, probably holding his good hand the whole time (I didn’t cry, I SCREAMED! Then I cried.) Then the parent signs something that says they will pay for it, takes the kid home and puts him to bed. Why?  Because it’s their problem, their responsibility.  That’s the job of a parent.
And then there is the President of the Unites States. What are his problems?  What are his responsibilities?
Hypotheticals annoy the hell out of me, so let’s stick to Benghazi.
Was it his fault?  Probably not.  I doubt he planned it out and emailed instructions to Al-Qaeda in a misguided attempt to get some good press.  I could be mistaken, but I’m going to insist on proof.
But is it his problem?  
Yes, because that is the job of the president; it is his responsibility.  No matter who is at fault, it is his job to make it right. To do everything that is doable.
It makes no difference if he was not in the war room that night.  It is still his responsibility.  It makes no difference who edited what talking points. They came from his White House. That makes it his problem.
His Responsibility.  
I have heard people say that Benghazi is no more Obama’s fault than 9/11 was Bush’s.  That’s true.  But it was still Bush’s problem, his responsibility.  I never heard Bush say differently.

Thank u Casual Meyhem! We luv u so much & we luv 2 RT all ur funny stuff on twitter Hooray!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wen Pastries Kill omg

2day's NEW PIC from @ImpeachTheIdiot:

CLICK PIC 2 ENLARGEHooray we luv u @ImpeachTheIdiot Hooray


Heritage: 6 Things the Next U.S. Budget Should Do


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My lil Sis Alicia is off 2day but this is her new song we did ystrdy:

OMG its SO BADASS yo OMG Hooray!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday 3/10/2013

҉҉нɑթթ¥§մղԺą¥✩•*¨*•♥ EVRY1!!!

Please don't forget our new FREE "Learn 2 Cook with Lucy" FREE comedy podcast is
FREE at Yay!
OMG Here's a Classic pic by @ImpeachTheIdiot that seems very current!
We love you Impy!!
Now on to the like srs news yo:

OMG lovers another Sunday morning Yay!
Today I was going to write about a like Bible quote but instead I think it's a good time to like "go meta" as they say LOL
Yesterday, this dude on Deb's twitter was like making fun of my misspellerings and so forth in yesterday's news so my BF is spell-checkering all my stuff here now. So THANKS, COMPLAINERING GUY! Thanks for like censoring my like free expression yo omg.
My BF says he's not going to spell check any words that aren't actually words so it will still feel like my writering but I have no idea what that's supposed to like mean yo grrr.
OMG so first Deb gets me censored on her tweeter then she's like insulting my boyfriend because he like took some pictures of me without telling Miss Noseybody Deb.
Now she's like going all feminist and saying we have to drop all our plans for the day and write music and stuff or whatever when I already have promised to make dinner for a like CROWD of peeps yo OMG! Now I'm like PANICKED is she going to show and cause trubz or is she going to show and help me get this place cleaned and fixed up in time to start the dinner? I recognize her point about how we put off doing band stuff yesterday to hang with our boyfriends, but our guys work long hours and sometimes personal things need to be set aside for more important things.

As it says in Ephesians 5:22, "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord."
Granted, Deb and I are not MARRIED to our badass lawyer boyfriends yet, but OMG is that not the like POINT?
And like John Lennon said, there comes a time when who you're going out with can become more important than your sister's band. Or something, I mean I don't think he said it EXACTLY that way but you get what I mean.
OMG Happy Sunday Yay!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making Gun Ownership Mandatory

SATURDAY FUNNIES by @ImpeachTheIdiot
McCain and Graham Exit Stage LEFT ~  on Twitpic
McCain & Graham Exit Stage Left
(Click pic 2 view larger)


Deb sez Im a ditz 4 not doing hedlines ystrdy but like no1 tolld me 2 LOL!
I got my BF 2 help me 2day but this 1st hedline I choze Yay!
Its from a badass websight that @LisaLisa922 & I luv cre8ed by @StevenErtelt who u shuld probly follow yo!

OMG so 2day Deb & I wer spozed 2 shoot a new music vid but INSTED my BF is getting my hare litened agen & OMG a new photo shoot OMG Yay!
OMG dont 4get 2 lissin 2 our L8est podcast --
LUCY Teaches Me How 2 Cook & Act Nice or whatevar!


Ciao lovers!! CU in church 2moro!
Teach Ur Kids Patriotism with tha Sesame Street Tea Party Set Yay!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Alicia's Food Friday Yay!

OMG lovers it's MOI, Alicia American, tha Badass Housewife yo!
OMG Conservative Princess and Debbie are letting me have the blog today to premiere my new like patriotic recipe column Yay! But OMG I thot this weak since I'm still lernering my way around my boyfriend's kitchen, I'd share with you a COOKERING LESSON I had with a very talented and pritty culinary school alumnette named Lucy deLeche Yay!
OMG we luv u Lucy OMG!

The lesson is in podcast form Yay!
You can stream or download it from this url
TYSM Lucy from tha 209 Show Yay!
Coming 2moro (Saturday):
Headlines from Deb Yay!
plus I think a funny pic by @ImpeachTheIdiot Yay!
Then Sunday is a new Faith column by me Alicia!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our 100th Blog Post!

BREAKING: John Kerry's 1st Serious Challenge w N. Korea ~  on Twitpic
News Headlines by Conservative Princess


1.  Stossel: Sequester Not Even a Cut

2.  Bill O'Reilly Shouts at Alan Colmes: 'You're Lying!'

3.  Sen. Paul Holds Floor for Hours in Filibuster of CIA Nominee, Over Drone Concerns

4.  Sequester So Terrible that Feds Post 400 New Jobs on First Day

5.  Dem: No Need for Guns, Just Tell Men Not to Rape

THANK YOU Conservative Princess!! OMG this is

Our 100th Blog Post!

Above-- #TCOT TRIO: (L-R) Debbie American, Conservative Princess Lisa, Alicia American
OMG we made it to 100 posts and the blog is getting more popular each week!
#TCOT is trending on twitter almost every day and we've been so lucky to get to meet so many patriots through twitter and this blog. But the two who have been our biggest inspirations have been @LisaLisa922 Conservative Princess (shown above) and @ImpeachTheIdiot Zook Zangsten (shown below).
If we had to choose one favorite twitter account, it would be @ImpeachTheIdiot because he doesn't only crack jokes, but he informs us about the world at the same time that we're LOLing! He did this great picture of my sister Alicia about women should dress modestly:

That's one of the nicest things anyone ever did for us, and obviously we will always owe him for that. Here are just some of the great @ImpeachTheIdiot's amazing picture funnies
(click to enlarge):

A License to Kill - O-BOMB-A Style ~  on Twitpic

What do Hitler, Castro and Obama have in common? ~  on Twitpic
We love Conservative Princess SO MUCH and Impeach The Idiot SO MUCH!
They are leaders to us and role models and we want them to be proud of us Hooray!
CONGRATULATIONS and Happy 100th Anniversary!!
Recently, my little sister Lee became a full-time housewife to her important lawyer boyfriend and I had to take over most of the work for our band that she used to do, with the help of my OWN badass lawyer boyfriend LOL! But now she's BACK with a new column about how to be a modern supercool Christian conservative housewife and still keep it rock'n'roll yo!
Here's her first column, please welcome my sweet little sister Alicia Hooray!
Hi everyone, it's ME, Alicia American Yay! If it seems like I'm spelling weird, it's because my boyfriend is spell-checking this column for me LOL! Hi honey I love you!

The first thing I'd like to do in my first new column is say CONGRATULATIONS to Conservative Princess and Debbie American on this 100th blog entry! I'm so excited to get to be a part of it and so grateful to both of you for letting me come back and write!
And a big welcome back to the super-cute, super-smart, super-funny
Zook Zangsten, a/k/a @ImpeachTheIdiot He is probably the funniest Conservative on twitter! OMG we love him SO MUCH Yay!!!

So recently, when my boyfriend moved me in to his place and set me up to be a full-time stay-at-home girlfriend and take care of him, obviously I was thrilled, relieved, and elated. I hadn't planned on doing anything like this until maybe after my music career, but when you meet the right guy, all plans go out the window -- especially if he's rich enough to call all the shots yo OMG LOL. But all that having been said, I still had some reservations about him wanting me to give up the @ThoseUSAGirls twitter account to Debbie and so forth and just go into cooking and cleaning. I'm a very creative person you know! I was nervous to express these reservations with him, so I buttered him up first LOLLOL! I won't get into THAT here LOL because I know he's reading this LOL.

Anyway, he cares that I'm happy as much as I care about him being happy, so he set up a new twitter account for me @AliciaAmerican which is connected to his email so he can make sure I'm not flirting with men in DMs LOL! I think it's so romantic that I have the password to his email, yo! *LeSigh* And then SECOND he gave me the idea for this new daily column I can write about the new housey things I'm learning every day Yay! He says that each new thing I learn can be a lesson to other housewives and househusbands out there and help them create a happier home for their breadwinner and stuff and everything, In this way I could be helping the cause of patriotism in a small way!

So I decided that Thursdays can be FAITHursday, when I can talk about my Chrisitian faith Yay! Now both Deb and I are Christians but we love everyone, we're don't dislike anyone because of their religion. One of our favorite parts of being Christian is going to church on Sundays Yay! So naturally, I was hoping my boyfriend would like to go to church as well. Sadly, he does not.

Of course, my first reaction was to nag him and try to make him feel guilty about it. When that failed, I tried to make him scared that he might go to Hell OMG! Finally, he sat me down and taught me a big lesson that I'll pass along to you now.

When he goes to play golf, that's the same as me going to church because God created the golf course and God made him become a lawyer. If God wanted him a lawyer, he knew he'd be too tired from working to go to church on Sunday and he'd need time off. That's why God created golf-- so he could spend time with my boyfriend in nature on Sundays, when he'd be too tired to go to church.

But my boyfriend explained that's why it's like DOUBLY important for ME to go to church, because I can tell him everything that happened and what the pastor preached about and in that way, it's almost like he went golfing AND to church BOTH Yay! Just like he needs me to watch the soaps and Judge Judy and tell him all about them over dinner!

I hope this advice helps someone out there who might have a similar problem!
I'll have more cool religious talk on Sunday!
Tomorrow is FOOD FRIDAY when I share a PATRIOTIC RECIPE Yay!

OMG TYSM Conservative Princess & Debbie 4 letting me have this column in your badass blog I love you both as much as I love America!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Johnny Ramone, tha Conservative who co-cre8ed Punk Rock

OMG So I wrote a article 4 u guys yo OMG!
It's about tha badass punk rocker whose Daddy was in tha MARINES yo!
I worked so hard on that I hope u like it Hooray!

My new boyfrend helped me chooze theze hedlines LOL OK he choze em:

FOX News: U.S. Sees "New Chapter" After Chavez

Heritage: Why the Death of Chavez Matters

The BLAZE: Holder Says Obama Can Kill YOU With a Drone

Patriot Update: Smith & Wesson Earnings Triple

Godfather Politics: Democrats Tell Americans To Be Victims

OMG 2moro is our 100th post EVAR Hooray!
2 cellabr8, Conservative Princess is gonna be here
PLUS the RETURN of a very very handsome man GASP WHO? WHO?


#Tcot Fashions OMG!