Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our 100th Blog Post!

BREAKING: John Kerry's 1st Serious Challenge w N. Korea ~  on Twitpic
News Headlines by Conservative Princess


1.  Stossel: Sequester Not Even a Cut

2.  Bill O'Reilly Shouts at Alan Colmes: 'You're Lying!'

3.  Sen. Paul Holds Floor for Hours in Filibuster of CIA Nominee, Over Drone Concerns

4.  Sequester So Terrible that Feds Post 400 New Jobs on First Day

5.  Dem: No Need for Guns, Just Tell Men Not to Rape

THANK YOU Conservative Princess!! OMG this is

Our 100th Blog Post!

Above-- #TCOT TRIO: (L-R) Debbie American, Conservative Princess Lisa, Alicia American
OMG we made it to 100 posts and the blog is getting more popular each week!
#TCOT is trending on twitter almost every day and we've been so lucky to get to meet so many patriots through twitter and this blog. But the two who have been our biggest inspirations have been @LisaLisa922 Conservative Princess (shown above) and @ImpeachTheIdiot Zook Zangsten (shown below).
If we had to choose one favorite twitter account, it would be @ImpeachTheIdiot because he doesn't only crack jokes, but he informs us about the world at the same time that we're LOLing! He did this great picture of my sister Alicia about women should dress modestly:

That's one of the nicest things anyone ever did for us, and obviously we will always owe him for that. Here are just some of the great @ImpeachTheIdiot's amazing picture funnies
(click to enlarge):

A License to Kill - O-BOMB-A Style ~  on Twitpic

What do Hitler, Castro and Obama have in common? ~  on Twitpic
We love Conservative Princess SO MUCH and Impeach The Idiot SO MUCH!
They are leaders to us and role models and we want them to be proud of us Hooray!
CONGRATULATIONS and Happy 100th Anniversary!!
Recently, my little sister Lee became a full-time housewife to her important lawyer boyfriend and I had to take over most of the work for our band that she used to do, with the help of my OWN badass lawyer boyfriend LOL! But now she's BACK with a new column about how to be a modern supercool Christian conservative housewife and still keep it rock'n'roll yo!
Here's her first column, please welcome my sweet little sister Alicia Hooray!
Hi everyone, it's ME, Alicia American Yay! If it seems like I'm spelling weird, it's because my boyfriend is spell-checking this column for me LOL! Hi honey I love you!

The first thing I'd like to do in my first new column is say CONGRATULATIONS to Conservative Princess and Debbie American on this 100th blog entry! I'm so excited to get to be a part of it and so grateful to both of you for letting me come back and write!
And a big welcome back to the super-cute, super-smart, super-funny
Zook Zangsten, a/k/a @ImpeachTheIdiot He is probably the funniest Conservative on twitter! OMG we love him SO MUCH Yay!!!

So recently, when my boyfriend moved me in to his place and set me up to be a full-time stay-at-home girlfriend and take care of him, obviously I was thrilled, relieved, and elated. I hadn't planned on doing anything like this until maybe after my music career, but when you meet the right guy, all plans go out the window -- especially if he's rich enough to call all the shots yo OMG LOL. But all that having been said, I still had some reservations about him wanting me to give up the @ThoseUSAGirls twitter account to Debbie and so forth and just go into cooking and cleaning. I'm a very creative person you know! I was nervous to express these reservations with him, so I buttered him up first LOLLOL! I won't get into THAT here LOL because I know he's reading this LOL.

Anyway, he cares that I'm happy as much as I care about him being happy, so he set up a new twitter account for me @AliciaAmerican which is connected to his email so he can make sure I'm not flirting with men in DMs LOL! I think it's so romantic that I have the password to his email, yo! *LeSigh* And then SECOND he gave me the idea for this new daily column I can write about the new housey things I'm learning every day Yay! He says that each new thing I learn can be a lesson to other housewives and househusbands out there and help them create a happier home for their breadwinner and stuff and everything, In this way I could be helping the cause of patriotism in a small way!

So I decided that Thursdays can be FAITHursday, when I can talk about my Chrisitian faith Yay! Now both Deb and I are Christians but we love everyone, we're don't dislike anyone because of their religion. One of our favorite parts of being Christian is going to church on Sundays Yay! So naturally, I was hoping my boyfriend would like to go to church as well. Sadly, he does not.

Of course, my first reaction was to nag him and try to make him feel guilty about it. When that failed, I tried to make him scared that he might go to Hell OMG! Finally, he sat me down and taught me a big lesson that I'll pass along to you now.

When he goes to play golf, that's the same as me going to church because God created the golf course and God made him become a lawyer. If God wanted him a lawyer, he knew he'd be too tired from working to go to church on Sunday and he'd need time off. That's why God created golf-- so he could spend time with my boyfriend in nature on Sundays, when he'd be too tired to go to church.

But my boyfriend explained that's why it's like DOUBLY important for ME to go to church, because I can tell him everything that happened and what the pastor preached about and in that way, it's almost like he went golfing AND to church BOTH Yay! Just like he needs me to watch the soaps and Judge Judy and tell him all about them over dinner!

I hope this advice helps someone out there who might have a similar problem!
I'll have more cool religious talk on Sunday!
Tomorrow is FOOD FRIDAY when I share a PATRIOTIC RECIPE Yay!

OMG TYSM Conservative Princess & Debbie 4 letting me have this column in your badass blog I love you both as much as I love America!

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