Friday, March 8, 2013

Alicia's Food Friday Yay!

OMG lovers it's MOI, Alicia American, tha Badass Housewife yo!
OMG Conservative Princess and Debbie are letting me have the blog today to premiere my new like patriotic recipe column Yay! But OMG I thot this weak since I'm still lernering my way around my boyfriend's kitchen, I'd share with you a COOKERING LESSON I had with a very talented and pritty culinary school alumnette named Lucy deLeche Yay!
OMG we luv u Lucy OMG!

The lesson is in podcast form Yay!
You can stream or download it from this url
TYSM Lucy from tha 209 Show Yay!
Coming 2moro (Saturday):
Headlines from Deb Yay!
plus I think a funny pic by @ImpeachTheIdiot Yay!
Then Sunday is a new Faith column by me Alicia!

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