Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making Gun Ownership Mandatory

SATURDAY FUNNIES by @ImpeachTheIdiot
McCain and Graham Exit Stage LEFT ~  on Twitpic
McCain & Graham Exit Stage Left
(Click pic 2 view larger)


Deb sez Im a ditz 4 not doing hedlines ystrdy but like no1 tolld me 2 LOL!
I got my BF 2 help me 2day but this 1st hedline I choze Yay!
Its from a badass websight that @LisaLisa922 & I luv cre8ed by @StevenErtelt who u shuld probly follow yo!

OMG so 2day Deb & I wer spozed 2 shoot a new music vid but INSTED my BF is getting my hare litened agen & OMG a new photo shoot OMG Yay!
OMG dont 4get 2 lissin 2 our L8est podcast --
LUCY Teaches Me How 2 Cook & Act Nice or whatevar!


Ciao lovers!! CU in church 2moro!
Teach Ur Kids Patriotism with tha Sesame Street Tea Party Set Yay!

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