Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday 3/10/2013

҉҉нɑթթ¥§մղԺą¥✩•*¨*•♥ EVRY1!!!

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OMG Here's a Classic pic by @ImpeachTheIdiot that seems very current!
We love you Impy!!
Now on to the like srs news yo:

OMG lovers another Sunday morning Yay!
Today I was going to write about a like Bible quote but instead I think it's a good time to like "go meta" as they say LOL
Yesterday, this dude on Deb's twitter was like making fun of my misspellerings and so forth in yesterday's news so my BF is spell-checkering all my stuff here now. So THANKS, COMPLAINERING GUY! Thanks for like censoring my like free expression yo omg.
My BF says he's not going to spell check any words that aren't actually words so it will still feel like my writering but I have no idea what that's supposed to like mean yo grrr.
OMG so first Deb gets me censored on her tweeter then she's like insulting my boyfriend because he like took some pictures of me without telling Miss Noseybody Deb.
Now she's like going all feminist and saying we have to drop all our plans for the day and write music and stuff or whatever when I already have promised to make dinner for a like CROWD of peeps yo OMG! Now I'm like PANICKED is she going to show and cause trubz or is she going to show and help me get this place cleaned and fixed up in time to start the dinner? I recognize her point about how we put off doing band stuff yesterday to hang with our boyfriends, but our guys work long hours and sometimes personal things need to be set aside for more important things.

As it says in Ephesians 5:22, "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord."
Granted, Deb and I are not MARRIED to our badass lawyer boyfriends yet, but OMG is that not the like POINT?
And like John Lennon said, there comes a time when who you're going out with can become more important than your sister's band. Or something, I mean I don't think he said it EXACTLY that way but you get what I mean.
OMG Happy Sunday Yay!

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