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& Now what we hope will be the first in a long line of rants from the very smart
So, what IS your problem?
by @CasualMeyhem It used to be such an obvious question.  However we can count on the lawyers in D.C. to complicate anything, and they have.  Apparently the question is not even taught anymore, which confuses kids and frustrates adults.
What are your Responsibilities?  What are those things that you are responsible for getting right or making right, whether it’s your fault or not.
For instance : your pets or your children.  It’s not your fault that your kid fell of the swing and broke his arm. You didn’t tell him to do that. You may have told him not to do that. (More than once in my case.) It’s still your problem though.
A parent will get the kid, take him to the emergency room, even if the Super Bowl is on, get the arm set, probably holding his good hand the whole time (I didn’t cry, I SCREAMED! Then I cried.) Then the parent signs something that says they will pay for it, takes the kid home and puts him to bed. Why?  Because it’s their problem, their responsibility.  That’s the job of a parent.
And then there is the President of the Unites States. What are his problems?  What are his responsibilities?
Hypotheticals annoy the hell out of me, so let’s stick to Benghazi.
Was it his fault?  Probably not.  I doubt he planned it out and emailed instructions to Al-Qaeda in a misguided attempt to get some good press.  I could be mistaken, but I’m going to insist on proof.
But is it his problem?  
Yes, because that is the job of the president; it is his responsibility.  No matter who is at fault, it is his job to make it right. To do everything that is doable.
It makes no difference if he was not in the war room that night.  It is still his responsibility.  It makes no difference who edited what talking points. They came from his White House. That makes it his problem.
His Responsibility.  
I have heard people say that Benghazi is no more Obama’s fault than 9/11 was Bush’s.  That’s true.  But it was still Bush’s problem, his responsibility.  I never heard Bush say differently.

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