Thursday, May 30, 2013

CasualMeyhem's Rant 5/30/2013

Got myself a tad offended the other day when someone described the Woolrich attack as “senseless violence.”  That’s the attack in Brittan where a soldier taking a walk was butchered by some Muslim gentlemen who, weapons in bloody hands, proceeded to record a statement for the world.   That is of course a problem.  It was not senseless.  It is violence with a purpose. Calling it senseless is a sad attempt at denial that will continue to get people killed.
I suppose we should go back to the basics. Terrorism is about causing fear.  Attacks like the one in Woolrich are designed to inspire fear. To make you wonder who is next, to wonder if your Arab neighbor is plotting your death, or worse, plotting your family’s death.
But it’s even more insidious than that. It drives you to distrust your Arab neighbor, to treat him with suspicion.  Humans pick up on it when they are not trusted.  It changes the way they look at things.  After all, if you’re not trusted, why be trustworthy? It pushes the moderate Muslims to see everything through the jihadist lens. It is as if everything is an attack on Islam and they must protect all Muslims, even the ones they would disown if they could.
That’s exactly how the mess in Sweden got started. The police shot and killed a man coming at them with a machete.  Probably becausehe was coming at them with a machete.  Since he happened to be Muslim however, it must be an attack on Islam itself!  So there’s been 5 days and counting of rioting.  It does not take much of a push for some to riot.  After all, rioting is kind of fun, and looting is kind of profitable. Every merchant in the area is terrified, and woe if your car is parked on the street. Whenever the fear spreads on either side, the extremists profit. Make no mistake; they will gain power and sympathizers with every attack, successful or not.
What do I mean by profit?  I mean, for all the reasons described above, fear spreads. God help you if you offend a Muslim.  Allah help you if you offend an infidel.  Also, they get free advertising from the media (No real way around it either.) and that helps them spread their fear. Also jihadists have many donors all across the world. They get money and clout for these attacks.
Well, why not just capitulate? Why not give them what they want?  Simple, like most bullies and tyrants, what they really want is MORE. There is literally nothing that would satisfy them.  Even if the entire world went Sharia compliant Muslim tomorrow, they would find something to terrorize people about. It’s what they do after all. Fear is the source of their power.
It’s absolutely insidious. This isn’t senseless.  There is a point and a plan to this violence, and if we don’t recognize that, they are succeeding.  It is absolutely vital that we understand, as the first step towards not giving terrorists what they want. What they want is your fear.
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Friday, May 24, 2013

New P8RIOTIC SONG & New Funy Pic by Impy!!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Casual Meyhem's Rant 5/21/2013 Yay

Tacit Governance and Leaving  the Bus in Gear
The last week has been full of Obama Scandals, and they just don’t show any sign of going away. Thing is I haven’t heard anyone address the real problem here.  It is looking more and more often as though, in order to protect himself, Obama simply orders nothing. He makes the odd suggestion or statement and then leaves the room quickly so that he bears no responsibility for the way his instructions are carried out. He is neither the first nor the best politician to operate this way; however, it seems more and more as if this is the ONLY way he does anything.   
As an example of how this would work: The President might say, “Wow!  Those 501c4s could be a big problem during the election if they get approved.  I’ll be in my office listening to really loud music so I can’t hear anything.” And of course, he never does hear anything. But strangely, conservative 501 c4s are targeted for extra scrutiny. Then when the scandal breaks, “The president never told anyone to do that!”  Which is technically true.
The President can then plead incompetence or stupidity and throw some button pusher to the wolves.  Then, he goes on about his day free of consequence.  That’s how it’s supposed to work, and generally it does.
Obama has done this with the Benghazi stand down order, the Benghazi talking points, the IRS targeting of conservative 501 c4s, and the audits of Romney supporters. It may have been done with the AP and FOX news reporters. We are literally learning more damning information every day, and the President claims ignorance of all of it.
We are not, however, without recourse. 
As to all of these claims of presidential stupidity, I don’t actually believe them.   But hey, If Barack Obama can say that he’s too stupid to be President, I can say I agree with him.  
And what is “Leaving the Bus in Gear?”  It means, quite simply that when someone goes under the bus for Obama, willing or not, you run over him or her.  If there is no consequence for going under the bus, everybody will do it.  Next thing you know there’s an Under-the-Bus ride at Disneyland.  As a practical matter, we have to make sure that nobody gets to go under the bus twice.  “One and Done” as it were.  Then they can try their luck at a different career. 
Going under the bus for Obama, willing or not, should be a noble act after all. We should not cheapen it by negating it.
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Casual Meyhem Takes Aim

There’s been lots of messed up horrible stuff happening lately:  the Benghazi Hearings, the Gosnell trial, Jodi Arias, and the Ohio kidnappings.  I think it’s normal to consider “what if this was one of my loved ones?”  That’s called Fear.  The natural progression of these feelings goes next to Anger.  Anger protects you from fear while enabling you to do something about it.  That’s not automatically a bad thing.  But if you are going to be angry, you need to AIM it in the correct direction.
How many of us have seen episodes of Springer or Cheaters where the person who is cheated on physically attacks  the person their loved one is cheating with instead of the person who is betraying their trust.  Poor AIM.  It happens all the time.
I understand the need to bleed off a little frustration or anger, and I understand protecting yourself. I don’t understand the guy who has a bad day at work, goes home and beats his wife because of it.
When horrible things like the recent headlines are going on you’ve likely got a lot of anger, and you need more than ever to pay attention to what you do with it.
Now I’ll throw out a few specifics.
With regards to the Ohio atrocity, lots of people are blaming the cops.  You forget that they are most likely beating themselves up for not catching this for 10 years. They don’t know how they could miss it either.  What the cops are doing now is making very sure every piece of evidence is good and not accidently destroyed or compromised by an overzealous press. Law enforcement is making absolutely sure they get it right.  That’s everything they can do today.
The 911 operator did her job.  The police were dispatched. The girls were rescued and people want to criticize her tone of voice?  Also I should point out that if she even recognized the name of Amanda Berry, It would probably be a little like getting a phone call from Elvis. In the end she did right.
It has recently come out that apparently neighbor Charles Ramsey has a criminal record of domestic abuse.  All I can say about that is when he helped Amanda Berry escape from that house, he did a good thing. The good things and the bad things that we all do, don’t cancel each other out.  They are just part of our story.  Mr. Ramsey got this one right.
Thus far, the only person we should be aiming our bile at is Ariel Castro.  Perhaps that will change; perhaps not.  But let’s get this right people.  Let’s not create more victims.
 AIM at the right people.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Casual Meyhem Must Stop Using Indent Tabs

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Benghazi Cliffs Notes
Benghazi is such a big story these days that I thought I would offer a hyper-brief summary of why.  Up until now the MSM has been able to ignore it and protect the administration.  Since that seems to have gone by the wayside, here goes.
Before: Prior to the attack on the consulate we were warned by the Libyan government and our own intelligence agencies that a terrorist attack was probable.  Numerous requests from Ambassador Chris Stevens himself for increased security were refused.   In short, many, many people saw this coming and the administration did nothing.
During: In spite of there being access to a real time video feed in the White House  and numerous pleas for aid  from the consulate, no help was sent.    In fact all assistance was barred, until the following evening, well after the eight hour attack was over.
After: Given the real time video feed, the truth of the attack must have been immediately known by President Obama’s administration. Yet following the attack Susan Rice went around to five Sunday morning talk shows and blamed the attack on a spontaneous response to a YouTube video no one had ever heard of.  The Obama Administration, for whatever reason, continued to push the video as the cause of the attack.  They only stopped pushing the story, in my opinion, because they were looking really stupid.  They even locked up the producer of the video, whom they continue to hold, on the first pretext they could find.
The survivors were removed and hidden at various posts around the world and all attempts to speak to them by both the press and the Congress of the United States were stonewalled.
You have questions?  We all do.  Starting with “What in the HELL were you thinking, Mr. President?”  That’s the point of these hearings with the whistleblowers.  They will allege that among other things, they were pressured to keep their mouths shut by the Obama administration or their careers would suffer.
By the time you read this, they will have testified to something or other, and probably it will be bad for the Obama administration. That’s the basic outline.
It seems to me to be an awful lot of spin for something that “happened a long time ago” according to Jay Carney the President’s press secretary. And Hillary Clinton asks “What does it matter?”
Four Americans died.
It matters to me.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mary Sarah Headlines NRA Convention


Mary Sarah Kicks Off Big NRA Meeting

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Gun Companies Leave Colorado

Rush Limbaugh Considering Major Changes?

Ex-FBI Says ALL US Phone Calls Recorded for Govt Access

Gosnell Jurors Considering Murder Charges

Answers about 6 inch tall "Sirius" "Alien body?"

Debbie American a hit on Renee LIVE Radio Show Last Night!
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