Thursday, May 30, 2013

CasualMeyhem's Rant 5/30/2013

Got myself a tad offended the other day when someone described the Woolrich attack as “senseless violence.”  That’s the attack in Brittan where a soldier taking a walk was butchered by some Muslim gentlemen who, weapons in bloody hands, proceeded to record a statement for the world.   That is of course a problem.  It was not senseless.  It is violence with a purpose. Calling it senseless is a sad attempt at denial that will continue to get people killed.
I suppose we should go back to the basics. Terrorism is about causing fear.  Attacks like the one in Woolrich are designed to inspire fear. To make you wonder who is next, to wonder if your Arab neighbor is plotting your death, or worse, plotting your family’s death.
But it’s even more insidious than that. It drives you to distrust your Arab neighbor, to treat him with suspicion.  Humans pick up on it when they are not trusted.  It changes the way they look at things.  After all, if you’re not trusted, why be trustworthy? It pushes the moderate Muslims to see everything through the jihadist lens. It is as if everything is an attack on Islam and they must protect all Muslims, even the ones they would disown if they could.
That’s exactly how the mess in Sweden got started. The police shot and killed a man coming at them with a machete.  Probably becausehe was coming at them with a machete.  Since he happened to be Muslim however, it must be an attack on Islam itself!  So there’s been 5 days and counting of rioting.  It does not take much of a push for some to riot.  After all, rioting is kind of fun, and looting is kind of profitable. Every merchant in the area is terrified, and woe if your car is parked on the street. Whenever the fear spreads on either side, the extremists profit. Make no mistake; they will gain power and sympathizers with every attack, successful or not.
What do I mean by profit?  I mean, for all the reasons described above, fear spreads. God help you if you offend a Muslim.  Allah help you if you offend an infidel.  Also, they get free advertising from the media (No real way around it either.) and that helps them spread their fear. Also jihadists have many donors all across the world. They get money and clout for these attacks.
Well, why not just capitulate? Why not give them what they want?  Simple, like most bullies and tyrants, what they really want is MORE. There is literally nothing that would satisfy them.  Even if the entire world went Sharia compliant Muslim tomorrow, they would find something to terrorize people about. It’s what they do after all. Fear is the source of their power.
It’s absolutely insidious. This isn’t senseless.  There is a point and a plan to this violence, and if we don’t recognize that, they are succeeding.  It is absolutely vital that we understand, as the first step towards not giving terrorists what they want. What they want is your fear.
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  1. Absolutely correct and on target. Makes one wonder, do I really REALLY need to go to the 7-11 for that Slurpee, or do I really REALLY nee to sleep that bad? It really sucks when the proprietor has to advertise ''American Owned'' on his sign. Because you can't trust anyone else.