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First, you FIX IT.
I’ve grown sick and tired of hearing excuses from the administration and the IRS about how the horrible targeting of the Tea Party and other conservative groups was.  You claim it was a horrible accident.  Fact is, I don’t care.  I do want those responsible to be removed and charged or at least disciplined.   But the first thing I expect to happen is that those harassed Tea Party and other groups should have their approval as 501c4s by YESTERDAY.
I have, in the course of my life, done quite a few things that I needed to apologize for.  The biggest thing, the first thing, is that you FIX IT as soon as you possibly can. You don’t just apologize.  You repair what you screwed up. This is not rocket science.  We all learned that in elementary school. What?   Do we need a remedial TV game show called “Are You More Ethical Than a Fifth Grader in the Midst of a Sugar Rush?”
This is really simple, Dems.  I understand that you are ethically challenged.  I’ve known that since the Clinton Administration.  I understand that you are sorry that you got caught.  BUT YOU GOT CAUGHT! The first part of your punishment is you FIX IT.  I don’t care what your rationale is for holding up the approval of Tea Party and other conservative groups.  I don’t care how bad you feel.  (Those of you with a few grains of integrity anyway.)   
I’ll even make it easy for you.  I’ll set a baseline beyond which you have gone too far.  Let’s make Media Matters for America the baseline.  If you have asked any group applying for 501c4 status more questions than you asked Media Matters, they are automatically approved.  That’s how you FIX IT.  If you find that painful, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE PAINFUL.  That’s why it’s called punishment. 
This is even more vital than prosecuting those involved as well as the sacrificial lambs that get thrown under the bus. Also I’m sure the IRS grunts would love a chance to clean out their backlog of pending cases, now that they aren’t busy planning for the monthly vaca….I mean conference.  If I happen to be wrong about that, I still don’t care.   Excuses aren’t enough.  If the behavior does not change, the IRS has done nothing to FIX IT!
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