Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Casual Meyhem's Dream!

I Dream of genie and wake up screaming!
Fair Warning.   If you happen to be paranoid (whether chemically induced or just gifted like me) I am about to scare the hell out of you.
The latest Obama scandal is about tracking all phone calls.  Just in case they need to go back and look for something more specific later.  Also, it seems the Department of Justice is tracking what we do on the internet for the same reason.  “My God is there no privacy anymore” everyone screams in outraged unison!  Including me actually.
The simple answer: No. We haven’t had it for quite some time.
Face it. There are tons of records being kept on us.  From our Draft Registrations, to our police records, (even if it’s only traffic tickets.) these records are kept forever.  There are also Credit Ratings, High school or college transcripts, passports, and medical records.  In Colorado they take your fingerprints when you get a driver’s license. Also there is special joy for you if you are or were military. They have the above mentioned finger prints, inoculations, blood type, I believe they do a DNA sample now days, ostensibly so they can tell who you are if you die a messy death. It was dental records (panerex) when I served. Also, if you have or had a security clearance they looked at all sorts of things before they cleared you. Those records still exist; therefore, they are looked at from time to time.
Oh, but it gets better!  You too can be a movie star (and you probably are.)  After all there are security cams all over the place. The police have dashboard cams, and while police try to stop everybody from using the phone cams to record them, when they try to confiscate one, they are being streamed by three others. There are button-hole cams if you feel sneaky, or Google glasses which can potentially record everything you see. Then of course for you frequent flyers, we have Airport Scanner Mark II (so you’re not quite as naked as Mark I.)
We aren’t even close to done. We have GPS in cell phones, tablets and whatnot. You probably put it there yourself. And now they are passing out student IDs with GPS. Do you know where your children are?  No you don’t! Your kid “accidently” beat the hell out of his ID with a hammer in shop class. They have even put tracker chips on clothes “for marketing purposes”
Think you aren’t watched at home, like it’s an oasis of privacy or something?  Wrong! Your internet activity is monitored by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) even if the government is not tracking you.. And how many places have you given your email address? Twitter is public for anybody. If they really want to there are laser microphones and good old fashioned telephoto lenses. Oh, and your cable box keeps track of what you watch for “marketing purposes.” Don’t spend too much time watching Al Gore Jazeera!
Privacy, it seems, may just be a thing of the past.  It’s already pretty bad even without metadata making a copy of everything.  The problem is that once the technology exists, people are going to use it, for good and Ill.  All of this makes the Amish lifestyle sound really good by comparison doesn’t it?
That genie has been out of the bottle for quite some time. It’s not going back in. Adjust.
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