Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Casual Meyhem Rant 6/18/2013 Yay

The Short Confused Life of Edward Snowden
As much as I wanted to write this week’s rant on the medical issue of PCDD (Politically Correct Degenerative Disorder) I have decided that the Short Confused Life of Edward Snowden should take precedence.
Poor bastard.
Snowden’s disclosure of the NSA phone record system and subsequent release of the existence of PRISM, precipitated a new crisis for the Obama Administration. They evidently felt that they did not have enough problems or that Snowden would be a good distraction from the ones they already have.  You’d think they’d figure out that there are drawbacks to hiding a mess by making a bigger mess. Maybe they are really as incompetent as they keep telling us.  Either way the Obama administration has once again screwed the pooch. They should really consider getting fixed before we are drowning in puppies.
I should not have been surprised by the existence of the phone record system.  Computer programmer’s almost always build in a way to keep track of what their programs are doing, if only so they can fix them. These days computers run the phones.  I’m guessing most of the work was already there. The main difference being that now the Government looks at it and keeps a copy forever.
If anything PRISM is even less complicated.  I don’t know the technical details, but I have long said that anything done on line is done IN PUBLIC.  Anyone who thinks differently is a fool.  Seems I was even more right than I thought.  I gather by the rate of their disappearance, that even those hackers from Anonymous have a hard time staying anonymous. I, and probably you, are simply not that skilled.
As for Mr. Snowden, at this point it no longer matters whether he was paid by the Chinese or anyone else.  He may have forgotten that the Chinese own Hong Kong these days, but I promise you the Chinese remember.
Quite frankly I expect him to be scooped up, maybe with a Chinese cover story maybe not, and spend the next decade or so trying to remember every punctuation mark of every classified document he has ever heard of.  They are going to go after that info with a melon-baller, and from there I expect things to get unpleasant for him.  Somebody better figure out what he knew, because whatever his plan, his memory is now Chinese property.
Is it possible that he was just a Boy-Scout who intended to do the right thing?  Sure. Stupidity has no limits that I am aware of.  God may care about his motives, but I don’t know them and it would not change anything if I did.  China has him now. The only reason that I think that may have been the plan the whole time is that it’s hard to believe that he forgot that who owns Hong Kong.  Did a sweet young thing blowing in his ear put the idea in his head?   It’s not a big stretch to reach the rest of my conclusions considering the stellar human rights record of China.
To prove me wrong, all he has to do is leave.
 Anyone want to send me the Vegas odds on that?
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