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TheBLAZE: Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA

LifeNews: Texas Late-Term Abortion Bill Doesn't Pass

NYPost: Paula Deen on Today Show

PatriotUpdate: Lavish $2.4m IRS Confab

GodfatherPolitics: Man May Face Charges for Defending his Son

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Casual Meyhem's Rant for 6/25/2013 Yay

OMG Lovers, "modesty" gets re-dafined wen tha temps hit 90 yo OMG!
Hears tha L8est rant by @CasualMeyhem. This is NOT by me or Deb.
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Politically Correct Degenerative Disorder
Gone are the days of simple prioritization. Not only is everything absolutely equally vital, but full emotional engagement is required at all times.  Histrionics are the order of the day! We are carefully trained to value a public meltdown more than the simple fact. Having priorities is wrong you see.  We are all morally obligated by PCDD to suffer the neurosis of caring about absolutely everything deeply and equally at all times. 
Some jerk called for the murder of the children of all those who disagree with him a while back. (Hi, Alec!)  But he passionately wants to murder children! It must be OK!  He really cares after all!  And how dare I remember after all this time, much less value children more than his feelings.
Consider, if you don’t want to by birth control for Sandra Fluke, you are against all birth control because you don’t care.  You Monster!(How much for a chastity belt anyway?)
And how dare you not be concerned for the plight of all those turtles who want to cross the road! It’s not like they are cows!  I can eat cows! (Oops, racist again?  Dammit.)
Or, let’s even take a real issue – Gay marriage.
I don’t care. Do it, or don’t do it. I am unwilling to waste thought or emotion on the issue.  Even less will I spend carefully hoarded political capitol on an issue that matters less to me than making sure I get my coffee in the morning. In fact, my representatives should feel free to use that issue as a negotiating point with either side to gain something that I care about.  I will even be disappointed if they don’t. Are you getting the idea?
But that position is going to get me reams of hate tweets, and maybe even make me the subject of some other rants, (I hope!) from both sides.  With a little luck, I will be spending the next few weeks as an Anti-Christian Homophobe, in spite of my support of both camps on other issues in the past, and probably in the future.
Even in the face of easily preventable disaster, (Which Gay marriage is not, but try to tell someone that…) we simply can’t risk anyone getting their feelings hurt. They could be scarred for life and it will be our, or my, fault. (Damn, I’ve got broad shoulders!)
Now for the degenerative part:  This also means that children will never learn to not be lead around by their emotions. No thick skins here! The new bully will be the kid who throws the best temper tantrum, ruling by the terror of hurt feelings.  This is progress?
An example of bullying for you:  Not too long ago a kid got in trouble for eating a Pop-Tart into the shape of the letter “L”.  The teacher promptly decided that it was shaped like a gun, and  the teachers feelings were hurt by the depiction of this evil thing! Not the kid’s feelings, but the teacher’s feelings! Oh woe is me! Children are so violent!  Guilt trips flew fast and thick at the kid, the parents, and anyone who dared to think that this so called grown-up was throwing a temper-tantrum worthy of John McEnroe. Not only had that, but the school, backed the teacher up! What the hell?  You send your kids to school to learn this?  I suppose we are now going to pull the number 7 and the capital “L” out of the curriculum? So-“Who cares about math and English?   This is education dammit!” becomes the order of the day.
This is why it’s a degenerative disorder. The political correctness quickly spirals out of control as whole segments of the population decide they must go along to get along. Then they turn into jellyfish, or any other spineless creature you despise but won’t name for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.  This emotional fragility then becomes normal, as children learn to be weak emotional cripples, doing anything to not hurt anyone’s feelings under any circumstances.
Ponder this while I await my Red Light-saber in the mail.  After all, the Dark Side has a few perks.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Casual Meyhem Rant 6/18/2013 Yay

The Short Confused Life of Edward Snowden
As much as I wanted to write this week’s rant on the medical issue of PCDD (Politically Correct Degenerative Disorder) I have decided that the Short Confused Life of Edward Snowden should take precedence.
Poor bastard.
Snowden’s disclosure of the NSA phone record system and subsequent release of the existence of PRISM, precipitated a new crisis for the Obama Administration. They evidently felt that they did not have enough problems or that Snowden would be a good distraction from the ones they already have.  You’d think they’d figure out that there are drawbacks to hiding a mess by making a bigger mess. Maybe they are really as incompetent as they keep telling us.  Either way the Obama administration has once again screwed the pooch. They should really consider getting fixed before we are drowning in puppies.
I should not have been surprised by the existence of the phone record system.  Computer programmer’s almost always build in a way to keep track of what their programs are doing, if only so they can fix them. These days computers run the phones.  I’m guessing most of the work was already there. The main difference being that now the Government looks at it and keeps a copy forever.
If anything PRISM is even less complicated.  I don’t know the technical details, but I have long said that anything done on line is done IN PUBLIC.  Anyone who thinks differently is a fool.  Seems I was even more right than I thought.  I gather by the rate of their disappearance, that even those hackers from Anonymous have a hard time staying anonymous. I, and probably you, are simply not that skilled.
As for Mr. Snowden, at this point it no longer matters whether he was paid by the Chinese or anyone else.  He may have forgotten that the Chinese own Hong Kong these days, but I promise you the Chinese remember.
Quite frankly I expect him to be scooped up, maybe with a Chinese cover story maybe not, and spend the next decade or so trying to remember every punctuation mark of every classified document he has ever heard of.  They are going to go after that info with a melon-baller, and from there I expect things to get unpleasant for him.  Somebody better figure out what he knew, because whatever his plan, his memory is now Chinese property.
Is it possible that he was just a Boy-Scout who intended to do the right thing?  Sure. Stupidity has no limits that I am aware of.  God may care about his motives, but I don’t know them and it would not change anything if I did.  China has him now. The only reason that I think that may have been the plan the whole time is that it’s hard to believe that he forgot that who owns Hong Kong.  Did a sweet young thing blowing in his ear put the idea in his head?   It’s not a big stretch to reach the rest of my conclusions considering the stellar human rights record of China.
To prove me wrong, all he has to do is leave.
 Anyone want to send me the Vegas odds on that?
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Casual Meyhem's Dream!

I Dream of genie and wake up screaming!
Fair Warning.   If you happen to be paranoid (whether chemically induced or just gifted like me) I am about to scare the hell out of you.
The latest Obama scandal is about tracking all phone calls.  Just in case they need to go back and look for something more specific later.  Also, it seems the Department of Justice is tracking what we do on the internet for the same reason.  “My God is there no privacy anymore” everyone screams in outraged unison!  Including me actually.
The simple answer: No. We haven’t had it for quite some time.
Face it. There are tons of records being kept on us.  From our Draft Registrations, to our police records, (even if it’s only traffic tickets.) these records are kept forever.  There are also Credit Ratings, High school or college transcripts, passports, and medical records.  In Colorado they take your fingerprints when you get a driver’s license. Also there is special joy for you if you are or were military. They have the above mentioned finger prints, inoculations, blood type, I believe they do a DNA sample now days, ostensibly so they can tell who you are if you die a messy death. It was dental records (panerex) when I served. Also, if you have or had a security clearance they looked at all sorts of things before they cleared you. Those records still exist; therefore, they are looked at from time to time.
Oh, but it gets better!  You too can be a movie star (and you probably are.)  After all there are security cams all over the place. The police have dashboard cams, and while police try to stop everybody from using the phone cams to record them, when they try to confiscate one, they are being streamed by three others. There are button-hole cams if you feel sneaky, or Google glasses which can potentially record everything you see. Then of course for you frequent flyers, we have Airport Scanner Mark II (so you’re not quite as naked as Mark I.)
We aren’t even close to done. We have GPS in cell phones, tablets and whatnot. You probably put it there yourself. And now they are passing out student IDs with GPS. Do you know where your children are?  No you don’t! Your kid “accidently” beat the hell out of his ID with a hammer in shop class. They have even put tracker chips on clothes “for marketing purposes”
Think you aren’t watched at home, like it’s an oasis of privacy or something?  Wrong! Your internet activity is monitored by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) even if the government is not tracking you.. And how many places have you given your email address? Twitter is public for anybody. If they really want to there are laser microphones and good old fashioned telephoto lenses. Oh, and your cable box keeps track of what you watch for “marketing purposes.” Don’t spend too much time watching Al Gore Jazeera!
Privacy, it seems, may just be a thing of the past.  It’s already pretty bad even without metadata making a copy of everything.  The problem is that once the technology exists, people are going to use it, for good and Ill.  All of this makes the Amish lifestyle sound really good by comparison doesn’t it?
That genie has been out of the bottle for quite some time. It’s not going back in. Adjust.
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News 6/6/2013

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2Day's Hedlines pickd out by this dude I've bin C-ing cazully:

TheBLAZE: Alleged Top Secret Court Order Reveals Domestic Surveillance

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New Rant & Pic 4 6/4/2013 Yay!

Barry suits up ~  on Twitpic
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OMG Now its tha new rantt by @CasualMeyhem Yay!

First, you FIX IT.
I’ve grown sick and tired of hearing excuses from the administration and the IRS about how the horrible targeting of the Tea Party and other conservative groups was.  You claim it was a horrible accident.  Fact is, I don’t care.  I do want those responsible to be removed and charged or at least disciplined.   But the first thing I expect to happen is that those harassed Tea Party and other groups should have their approval as 501c4s by YESTERDAY.
I have, in the course of my life, done quite a few things that I needed to apologize for.  The biggest thing, the first thing, is that you FIX IT as soon as you possibly can. You don’t just apologize.  You repair what you screwed up. This is not rocket science.  We all learned that in elementary school. What?   Do we need a remedial TV game show called “Are You More Ethical Than a Fifth Grader in the Midst of a Sugar Rush?”
This is really simple, Dems.  I understand that you are ethically challenged.  I’ve known that since the Clinton Administration.  I understand that you are sorry that you got caught.  BUT YOU GOT CAUGHT! The first part of your punishment is you FIX IT.  I don’t care what your rationale is for holding up the approval of Tea Party and other conservative groups.  I don’t care how bad you feel.  (Those of you with a few grains of integrity anyway.)   
I’ll even make it easy for you.  I’ll set a baseline beyond which you have gone too far.  Let’s make Media Matters for America the baseline.  If you have asked any group applying for 501c4 status more questions than you asked Media Matters, they are automatically approved.  That’s how you FIX IT.  If you find that painful, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE PAINFUL.  That’s why it’s called punishment. 
This is even more vital than prosecuting those involved as well as the sacrificial lambs that get thrown under the bus. Also I’m sure the IRS grunts would love a chance to clean out their backlog of pending cases, now that they aren’t busy planning for the monthly vaca….I mean conference.  If I happen to be wrong about that, I still don’t care.   Excuses aren’t enough.  If the behavior does not change, the IRS has done nothing to FIX IT!
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