Friday, May 10, 2013

Casual Meyhem Takes Aim

There’s been lots of messed up horrible stuff happening lately:  the Benghazi Hearings, the Gosnell trial, Jodi Arias, and the Ohio kidnappings.  I think it’s normal to consider “what if this was one of my loved ones?”  That’s called Fear.  The natural progression of these feelings goes next to Anger.  Anger protects you from fear while enabling you to do something about it.  That’s not automatically a bad thing.  But if you are going to be angry, you need to AIM it in the correct direction.
How many of us have seen episodes of Springer or Cheaters where the person who is cheated on physically attacks  the person their loved one is cheating with instead of the person who is betraying their trust.  Poor AIM.  It happens all the time.
I understand the need to bleed off a little frustration or anger, and I understand protecting yourself. I don’t understand the guy who has a bad day at work, goes home and beats his wife because of it.
When horrible things like the recent headlines are going on you’ve likely got a lot of anger, and you need more than ever to pay attention to what you do with it.
Now I’ll throw out a few specifics.
With regards to the Ohio atrocity, lots of people are blaming the cops.  You forget that they are most likely beating themselves up for not catching this for 10 years. They don’t know how they could miss it either.  What the cops are doing now is making very sure every piece of evidence is good and not accidently destroyed or compromised by an overzealous press. Law enforcement is making absolutely sure they get it right.  That’s everything they can do today.
The 911 operator did her job.  The police were dispatched. The girls were rescued and people want to criticize her tone of voice?  Also I should point out that if she even recognized the name of Amanda Berry, It would probably be a little like getting a phone call from Elvis. In the end she did right.
It has recently come out that apparently neighbor Charles Ramsey has a criminal record of domestic abuse.  All I can say about that is when he helped Amanda Berry escape from that house, he did a good thing. The good things and the bad things that we all do, don’t cancel each other out.  They are just part of our story.  Mr. Ramsey got this one right.
Thus far, the only person we should be aiming our bile at is Ariel Castro.  Perhaps that will change; perhaps not.  But let’s get this right people.  Let’s not create more victims.
 AIM at the right people.


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