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Benghazi Cliffs Notes
Benghazi is such a big story these days that I thought I would offer a hyper-brief summary of why.  Up until now the MSM has been able to ignore it and protect the administration.  Since that seems to have gone by the wayside, here goes.
Before: Prior to the attack on the consulate we were warned by the Libyan government and our own intelligence agencies that a terrorist attack was probable.  Numerous requests from Ambassador Chris Stevens himself for increased security were refused.   In short, many, many people saw this coming and the administration did nothing.
During: In spite of there being access to a real time video feed in the White House  and numerous pleas for aid  from the consulate, no help was sent.    In fact all assistance was barred, until the following evening, well after the eight hour attack was over.
After: Given the real time video feed, the truth of the attack must have been immediately known by President Obama’s administration. Yet following the attack Susan Rice went around to five Sunday morning talk shows and blamed the attack on a spontaneous response to a YouTube video no one had ever heard of.  The Obama Administration, for whatever reason, continued to push the video as the cause of the attack.  They only stopped pushing the story, in my opinion, because they were looking really stupid.  They even locked up the producer of the video, whom they continue to hold, on the first pretext they could find.
The survivors were removed and hidden at various posts around the world and all attempts to speak to them by both the press and the Congress of the United States were stonewalled.
You have questions?  We all do.  Starting with “What in the HELL were you thinking, Mr. President?”  That’s the point of these hearings with the whistleblowers.  They will allege that among other things, they were pressured to keep their mouths shut by the Obama administration or their careers would suffer.
By the time you read this, they will have testified to something or other, and probably it will be bad for the Obama administration. That’s the basic outline.
It seems to me to be an awful lot of spin for something that “happened a long time ago” according to Jay Carney the President’s press secretary. And Hillary Clinton asks “What does it matter?”
Four Americans died.
It matters to me.

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