Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Casual Meyhem's Rant 5/21/2013 Yay

Tacit Governance and Leaving  the Bus in Gear
The last week has been full of Obama Scandals, and they just don’t show any sign of going away. Thing is I haven’t heard anyone address the real problem here.  It is looking more and more often as though, in order to protect himself, Obama simply orders nothing. He makes the odd suggestion or statement and then leaves the room quickly so that he bears no responsibility for the way his instructions are carried out. He is neither the first nor the best politician to operate this way; however, it seems more and more as if this is the ONLY way he does anything.   
As an example of how this would work: The President might say, “Wow!  Those 501c4s could be a big problem during the election if they get approved.  I’ll be in my office listening to really loud music so I can’t hear anything.” And of course, he never does hear anything. But strangely, conservative 501 c4s are targeted for extra scrutiny. Then when the scandal breaks, “The president never told anyone to do that!”  Which is technically true.
The President can then plead incompetence or stupidity and throw some button pusher to the wolves.  Then, he goes on about his day free of consequence.  That’s how it’s supposed to work, and generally it does.
Obama has done this with the Benghazi stand down order, the Benghazi talking points, the IRS targeting of conservative 501 c4s, and the audits of Romney supporters. It may have been done with the AP and FOX news reporters. We are literally learning more damning information every day, and the President claims ignorance of all of it.
We are not, however, without recourse. 
As to all of these claims of presidential stupidity, I don’t actually believe them.   But hey, If Barack Obama can say that he’s too stupid to be President, I can say I agree with him.  
And what is “Leaving the Bus in Gear?”  It means, quite simply that when someone goes under the bus for Obama, willing or not, you run over him or her.  If there is no consequence for going under the bus, everybody will do it.  Next thing you know there’s an Under-the-Bus ride at Disneyland.  As a practical matter, we have to make sure that nobody gets to go under the bus twice.  “One and Done” as it were.  Then they can try their luck at a different career. 
Going under the bus for Obama, willing or not, should be a noble act after all. We should not cheapen it by negating it.
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