Monday, March 18, 2013

3/18/2013 News yo!

2days News Yay!

FOXNews: UN Revives NRA-Opposed Arms Trade Treaty 
TheBLAZE: Is Pope Francis a Socialist?
PatriotUpdate: Karl Rove in Cat Fight with Sarah Palin
Godfather: Oklahoma Passes Anti-Obamacare Bill
LifeNews: Pro-Choice Pelosi To Attend Pope Inaugural

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Mocking Points
by @CasualMeyhem
Oh the joys of the New York diet!  If I’m following correctly, Bloomberg has banned salt, trans-fats, large sodas, and private donations to food banks (since he can’t monitor the content).  I hear ear-buds are next.
It’s not like this sort of thing is new.  There have been Nazi dieticians far longer than there have been Nazis. What annoys me is that Bloomberg is getting away with it. And he’s going to keep doing it as long as he gets away with it. He can’t help himself. This is not a left/right issue.  It’s a “Get your damn nose out of my business” issue.  Even people who agree with him would rather he spent time on actual Mayor-stuff, like blaming the bed shortage in homeless shelters on people who own private jets.
Twenty years ago, there’s no way a politician would have done this because he knew that it would make him the subject of night show monologues for a month.  It seems we can’t count on that anymore. God forbid we hurt a politician’s feelings. They just don’t have a thick enough skin for it.
But Guess what? That’s our fault. You just don’t get a thick skin without being made fun of and we have completely stopped mocking political stupidity.  Some would have us believe that smart people don’t do stupid stuff.  That’s just not true. In fact, smart people not only do stupid stuff, they do it faster and more efficiently.  (Or so I’m told, honest.) In fact, fairly smart people seem to believe that if you like a politician you should just let him promote any stupid policy that flit’s through his brain.  Now that’s stupid and simply not true.
With that in mind I have taken it upon myself to present a few “Mocking Points” to get you started. Feel free to add as many more as you like. It’s pretty fun actually.
I have a mommy and it’s not Bloomberg.
Stop and frisk now to include checking for clean underwear.
I’m still waiting for Bloomberg to change my diaper.
I’m gonna make a fortune smuggling  trans –fats.
He only want’s our earbuds so we can’t drown him out.
I’m holding all the Cheezy Poofs hostage until I get my big gulps back.
He was gonna feed the homeless to the hungry but  they are too fat.
Is he doing my laundry too?
Let the mocking commence!

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