Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Rants by CasualMeyhem

OMG hello its ME Debbie American Hooray!
Im fillering in 4 Lee who intended a like rubut weddering ystrdy #BADASS
So like @CasualMeyhem sent in 2 (too) rants & I dont wana reed ethar 1 of em
cuz both of em R about Smily Vyrus yo. 
I think he wanted me 2 like CHOOZE 1?
Of tha 2 (to)?
But Y dont I just like leeve that up 2 u bye Hooray

Growth is Painful

Finally found a link to Miley Cyrus’ act at the VMA’s.  After all the horrid things I heard on Twitter this morning, I just had to watch it.  Like it was disaster footage or something, I had to see. Well, I saw.
I am reminded that growth is painful. It never goes as planned…and while there are no rules per se, there are always consequences that were unexpected and that one is totally not prepared for. Also, everyone involved will look like an idiot at some time or another. Like that performance.
Of course, in a week nobody but those directly involved will care. So I’m writing about the other thing I saw a lot of on twitter and, strangest of all, why I am hopeful about it. You see, this is what growth looks like.
Anyone who follows Twitter may have noticed that there is at the moment, a trend, I’ll call a Zimmerman backlash, directed at the media mostly.  Pretty much any black on white crime is being used to slap around the MSM’s unequal coverage on race.  I’ll spare you examples, but they are easy to find, and hard to dodge at the moment.
Now, nobody is saying that racism does not exist. I have no use for the KKK and their ilk, but there is no acceptable reason I should tolerate black racisim either.  It’s the same poison in different hands, all deadly and indiscriminate in its use.
For decades even the mere accusation of racism was enough to end careers.  Lately however, there’s been so much race-baiting that people are becoming sick of it.  Some proof of racism is now required. That’s thrown many old race-baiters off of their game and they are not happy.  “Oh for the days when the accusation was enough” I picture them saying.  Whether you want to say the race card has been overdrawn or any other cutesy way of putting it, finally the accuser must provide evidence. That strikes me as fair.
Another thing, and this might be even more important. The black community is being forced finally, to look at the toleration of racism within itself. The whole idea that a black person cannot ever, ever be a racist is pretty much shot. Toleration of racism is as bad as racism itself. It perpetuates the problem by making it consequence free, or so I was taught about white racism. Equality is not always easy.
Nothing I am saying is new.  It’s all been said-mostly by black people to white people. If however, we want true racial equality, we must all use the same set of standards.  Getting used to new rules is aggravating beyond belief, even if the new rules are better than the old ones. But they are still the new rules. Adjust, or get used to being unhappy.
So you see, I believe we are growing. It’s awkward and painful and there are zits, hormones, strange new hair and ever-present unforeseen consequences. Yet I truly believe this will make us better in the end. So weirdly, I am actually hopeful.
And If I look like an idiot, well, I’ve had much more practice than poor Miley Cyrus.
I expect growth to be painful.


My father, god rest his soul, told me more than once that at some point every generation decides that it invented sin.  At the time, that was way too close to the mark, since I perfected sin! As it happens, all those lectures become relevant at some point or another.
This morning when I got on twitter, the big news was Miley Cyrus giggling her butt like she was in the kind of Jello commercials I always thought they should make, in Jr. High.
I could not believe all the hype. How bad could this be? I had to see for myself.  So I did, and sadly a little more innocence has burned away…or not. 
C’mon guys, this happens at least every other year.  Somebody, sometimes a Disney kid, sometimes not, discovers sex and wants to share it with the world.  Somehow they forget that without sex they would not be here and they have to tell everyone. Or worse yet show everyone. I’m hoping Miley gets it out of her system before the sex tape, but face it, the odds are not good.
I had the fortune, call it good or bad, to be in Jr High & High School during Madonna’s climb and the inevitable burnout. I remember it well, or at least well enough that I am not itching to watch it all happen again.
I was never a huge fan of her music, but I didn’t hate it either.  Her voracious business sense and her skill at shocking a few dollars more out of the pockets of her fans however was unrivaled, while it lasted.
The problem with shocking people for a living, especially in the internet age, is you run out of shock value.  Then it goes something like this:
Friend: “Hey, did you hear what Madonna did now? She _____ with a ____ right on stage!”
Me: “What, again?”
You see the problem? Everyone burned out.  Madonna went away for almost a decade before a nostalgia comeback was available to her. Even then she had to rely on the faux-corruption of Brittany Spears as I recall.  I was seriously underwhelmed. She had actual talent, but that’s not what she will be remembered for.
It seems Miley, who also has actual talent, is determined to follow that path.  I find that sad, but not so sad it will ruin my day. Or even my next 15 minutes. She has other better options, although I suppose it is obvious that she has more money than sense at this point.  We shall see.
At least she should talk to Gene Simmons about the tongue thing, hers is just gross.

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