Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New CM Rant Yay

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Bias or Buy Us?

It seems to be one or the other these days.  The common thread I found during my daily dive through the news is that what used to be the MSM has a strong liberal bias and seems to be going out of business.
I’m just shocked.  Why would people stop watching or reading news that insults them while telling them what to think?  It’s not like there is a whole internet full of non-insulting opinion at their fingertips.  Oh, wait…
The saddest part is these guys could stay in business by doing one simple thing.  Quit insulting half of their potential customers.
It’s very similar to the reason Jay Leno annihilates his competition.  He does not ignore and insult the 49% of the country that is conservative.  (Are you listening Jimmy Fallon? If you want to succeed, that is how you do it.) These media outlets are killing each other for just barely over half of the available audience by insulting the other half of the potential audience on a daily basis.  Then they howl about the death of traditional media when they themselves are killing it by making sure that I and millions of others change the channel or don’t buy the paper.
Perhaps it’s mean, but whenever I see yet another story about low ratings or losing money hand over fist or poor circulation, I am not thinking “gosh that’s horrible.” What I am thinking is “Good Riddance.”  Or sometimes “Where’s the popcorn?”
The only reason I ever watch CNN is to watch Piers Morgan get beat up.  CNN and MSNBC stay in business onlybecause they are part of the basic cable package.  Literally, that’s it.
Now CNN and MSNBC are going to play the victim because in response to their upcoming four hour commercials for Hillary Clinton, the GOP is not going to let them host primary debates or provide “moderators” whose sole purpose is to make all the candidates look bad.  We should have done that for the last election but by all means let’s do it now.
Still, since the democrats aren’t happy about that, let me offer another possibility.  I could personally moderate the democratic primary debates.  It’s no trouble, really.  I won’t even charge – too much.
What can I say – I’m a nice guy.

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