Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post Office Photographing Your Mail

Hi it's me @PattRiot209 filling in for Alicia and Debbie while they're on vacation in Romania! I hope to do a good job filling in but I also hope you guys can be patient with me, as I'm not getting paid or anything and I'm doing the best I can to help Huzzah!
And now a rant from our friend @CasualMeyhem:
Decimate: kill one person in 10: to kill one out of every ten people in a group, especially in a body of mutinous soldiers.   (via Bing Dictionary)
My favorite evil dwarf Greg Gutfeld just banned my rant. I am therefore going to do it anyway. Can’t leave the little fella without something to complain about…
For a long time now, the Obama administration has been bragging about how they have decimated the leadership of Al Qaeda.   They aren’t wrong; they’ve killed at least one in 10 of the upper leadership.  Problem is, all those leaders were replaced almost instantly. And when we kill the new ones, they will be replaced once again.
Remember that Kurt Russell movie The Thing?  Al Qaeda is like the Thing. When you cut its head off, the head grows legs and eye-tentacles and hisses at you.  Meanwhile the body grows a new head and the threat continues.
Now some will ask “How dare I suggest it’s hopeless?!!?” I am suggesting no such thing.  Think of it as cleaning your house.  I once suggested to my parents that I cleaned my room last week so I didn’t have to ever do it again. That went about the way you would expect- It seems I didn’t have to leave my room except to eat and go to the bathroom ever again either.  Or, I could clean my room again.  It was entirely up to me.
It’s that way with Al Qaeda too. There is always going to be a group or two that wants to destroy us for whatever reason. Used to be the U.S.S.R. and some folks here and there can’t get that out of their heads…..but that’s a different rant.
Let’s take my example into adulthood.  You’ve cleaned your house.  It’s clean!  But then you decide you never have to do it again, so you don’t.  The dirt and molds and bugs take advantage.  They move in and set up shop.  A year or so later you get a nice talking to by the city.  If you are very lucky, you get to star in an episode of Hoarders and a nice trained mental health professional tries to keep you distracted while they clean for you, but probably not.
What usually happens is that the city quickly loses all patience with excuses.  They condemn your house (locking you out of it) and send a mob of city workers over to throw away anything not nailed down. If they can pry it up, it’s not nailed down. Then they send you a cleaning bill you can’t pay along with a list of things you have to fix (but can’t afford) if you want to move back in. You can’t do that, so the city eventually takes your house and sells it to the highest bidder.
That’s the problem with Obama’s policies.  He thinks we’re done.  He honestly thinks we are no longer in a war on terror, because we “Decimated their leadership.”  He might want to tell them that. I don’t think they know. Or care.
It’s a constant thing.  You don’t stop just because you had some success.  If not the U.S.S.R. then It’s Al Qaeda.  If not Al Qaeda, then it’s someone else.  Defense is not a one-time thing.  It’s done every day, all the time, or someone takes advantage.  Would you fire all the police because the crime rate drops?  I’m guessing no…. Crime did not stop just because they jailed Capone. War will not stop because you killed some people.  Imagining it would is the height of foolishness.
Evil will always be sufficient unto the day.

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