Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Casus Belli
The Obama “red line” was painted by him in his run up to the election.  I suppose it made him sound tough or at least less weak.  It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, who’d remember a campaign speech?
For some reason or other, Bashar al Assad crossed that line anyway.  So strangely some people expected Obama to do what he said he’d do (you’d think we’d learn) and now we must do it, because his reputation is at stake andpeople are laughing at him!
One of the lessons the President has repeatedly failed to learn is that when you are POTUS, people remember what you say.  The fact that Obama has not only repeatedly failed to learn this lesson, but keeps acting surprised about it indicates a deliberate refusal to learn. I for one am getting awfully tired of watching our good men and women pay the price for his refusal to learn that simple lesson.  The President is not a child, and we can’t afford to let him act like one.
Don’t get me wrong, Assad is scum.  Even if he did not order that attack, it is still his responsibility, because that is in the dictator’s job description.  You know, that job that he is killing so many people to keep.  Regardless of who played with Assad’s toys, they are his toys and they were used on his watch.  I have on many prior occasions held Obama to that basic standard of responsibility (Benghazi) so none of this is new.
But now that the bully has proven that he’s a bully by gassing civilians in spite of the still wet “red line”, Obama is expected to do something.  So he ran to the playground monitor and asked if it was ok to break the bully’s toys.
The playground monitor, not caring to be responsible, sent him to ask the principal. The Principal decided that this was a crisis and called the bully’s dad (Putin) who, surprise, surprise, doesn’t want his kid’s toys broken, and threatened to break some of Obama’s toys.
Meanwhile the PTA (UN) has been summoned to get to the bottom of this, and will no doubt do so before the end of next year.  Impatient amidst the giggling, Obama has decided to just ask the student council (Congress) if it’s ok to break the bully’s toys, (and if it’s not OK, he might just do it anyway.) and here we are.
After all this permission asking, there’s no good way to break the toys.  If he was going to do it, he should have just done it.  But he didn’t. Now that he’s asked everyone and their brother for permission that he is never going to get, it’s too late.
His ego is just not enough of a reason to attack. Obama, and the rest of us, have been laughed at by all these same people for five years now.  It’s not going to kill him or us. Who knows, if he learns something it won’t be a total loss, but I’m not holding my breath.

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