Thursday, September 12, 2013

CM Rant 9/12

Putin to the Rescue?!!?
Well, why not. To Putin, Obama is the gift that keeps on giving after all.  Obama’s willful stupidity that enables him to continue to push a bad idea into a full blown disaster long after it’s apparent that’s where we are headed, is invaluable to Putin.  I am grateful that Obama took the out at least. Thanks Ms. Jarrett.
Putin’s option does not change the fact that Obama keeps putting himself in this position, nationally as well as internationally.
Obamas pattern of mistakes is very simple, but as always he fails to see it. Whenever there is a crisis, real or manufactured, his reaction is to circle the intellectuals.  These academic “geniuses” then take at least a month to come up with the “perfect” solution.  Never mind that by the time they get there it is far too late to do anyone any good.  I seriously wonder if Obama is capable of making a snap decision at all. Not a good trait in the Commander in Chief.
“An executive is a person who always decides; sometimes he decides correctly, but he always decides.”---John H. Patterson
I love that quote. It exactly describes the problem with our president’s “leadership.” In simple terms, he has none. He’d rather vote “present.”  He always seems to be the first, and the last, to dither about everything.  I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened with Benghazi.  Also, we all remember how long he took to decide to kill Bin Laden.  Though he did in the end get it right, we were lucky that word did not get out of this leaky as a sieve administration before the attack could happen. 
What really gets me about Obama though is the refusal to learn from his mistakes.  I do not expect anyone to be perfect, but I do expect people to learn and go on to make new and different mistakes.  But not our President.  It’s almost as if he’s searching for the perfect disaster to put his, and our name on.
Assuming this whole Putin solution to Obama’s self-made crisis works, it still came about through dumb luck. 
Luck counts, but only a fool relies on it.

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