Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Subtle as Casual Meyhem

#TCOT Headlines

Heritage: Conservatives Should Stay to the Right

PatriotUpdate: Did George Washington Predict the Future?

Godfather: Was the Census Falsified?

TheBlaze: Stonehenge Was Built for "Rock" Concerts!

CASUAL MEYHEM'S RANTSOur twitter friend @CasualMeyhem started his own rant blog Subtle as an Atom Bomb after we ceased posting here regularly, but recently he hasn't been posting regularly there either. We want to point out some of the badass stuff he's written and also ask you to please encourage him so that he goes back to his weekly rants! Here are some of our favorites that he's written:

Subtle as an Atom Bomb: Ground Rules:
All this infighting between the Tea Party and the Old Guard in the Republican Party has got to stop.  If we break the part...

Subtle as an Atom Bomb: Spun Out:
This week the Main Stream Media seems to have finally realized that they are chained to Obama’s bedpost and the house is on f...

Subtle as an Atom Bomb: Pressure:
Well, I’m not going to try and spin this as a win.  We lost.  That sucks, but there it is.  Obama care speeds onwards like th...

If you think those are great, check out the rest of the blog at http://subtleasanatombomb.blogspot.com
And please let CM know he's appreciated in some manner!
Happy December everyone! #TCOT

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