Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Built That Network & Casual Meyhem Yay!

OMG Lovers! Rather than bring you a bunch of headlines, today I want to tell you about
by Alicia American
as dictated to someone who can spell

OMG LOVERS! Evry1 knows how much I like love @ImpeachTheIdiot because he's such a sweetie yo! But did you know he's like part of this whole WEB SITE about American Exceptionalism? Well, he IS and you can find that site,
called We Built That Network or WBTN,
at http://www.webuiltthatnetwork.com Yay!
One of their stars is WAR CHICK (shown above) OMG she's so badass!
You can check her out @ THIS URL Yay!
Recently she was on the Dr. Gina show, you can watch a video of that HERE.
They also have a new radio show which premiered last night starring
the mega-badass 1SupremeGoddess (shown above) Yay!
You can check that show out @ THIS ADDRESS!
But probably the biggest star of WBTN is Daria (shown above) who seems to like run the entire operation as far as I can tell!

OMG There's so much more at this site than I can tell you about in this short profile!
If you're a conservative American, you owe it to yourself to check out WBTN at least once to find out if they're your cup of Tea Party yo!
And if you like it there, please tell 'em Alicia sent you!
OMG Now its time 4 @CasualMeyhem's rant! OMG I didnt reed this yet, I hope its gud LOL
The Fruit of all Evil
Face it, this has been a dark month.
The Zimmerman trial is finally over, but nobody is celebrating.  In fact, we may end up doing it all again.  Border security is a wash.  Immigration is a wash.  Egypt’s new “democracy” is dead at the scene.  Coptic Christians are butchered for sport in Africa while Obama lectures them about the joys of Gay Marriage.  Iran continues its slow creep toward a nuke.  Nelson Mandela is dying.  A soldier is butchered on the streets of London. And God help you if you have anything to do with soccer in Brazil!  Apparently the fans bring their own rocks to throw.  Just in case.
With all of this going on, perhaps we should take this opportunity to face up to the greatest evil of our time, or of any time. True Evil loves to stay hidden in pretty packages right out in plain sight where it can corrupt the unsuspecting all unknowing with the seeds of its vileness.
Indeed, the color red has been etched in our (human) racial memory. Across all cultures, it’s a warning. Stop. Danger. Don’t do it. This will be bad, even as something in our nature draws us to it. The red Ferrari, the woman in red, even my fellow Gingers.
We court this evil, thinking that we are in control...but it’s just not true. A little is never enough.  We must have more, more, MORE! Such is the twisted seduction perpetrated upon us all the way back to the Garden of Eden.
I am speaking of course about the originator of all sin in mankind- the Fruit of all Evil which mankind has lusted after since the beginning.
I know, you have been taught that the villain is the Apple, but you are mistaken.  A simple lie in the beginning is often more useful than the most detailed fiction is later.  Such is the genius of the Devil. Think. What could be more wholesome than Mom and apple pie?  Johnny Appleseed feeding pioneers? These are not evil! Also, apples come in many colors besides the stereotypical red. I understand the green ones are best for cooking. No, the Apple is not the culprit. That is diabolical misinformation perpetrated by the Master of Lies!
No the true culprit is, and always has been the Strawberry.
And the fact that I loathe them has nothing to do with it.  Honest.