Thursday, January 24, 2013

News & T-Shirts Yay!

Im fillering in 4 Conservative Princess & Patt Riot 2day Yay!

US Citizen Faces Death For Christian Faith
Is NYC's Soda Law Racist?
Hillary Shouts: "What Difference Would It Make?"
5ive Questions For John Kerry
Pentagon Puts Women in Combat

OMG I dont like do tha hedlines thing as well as Lisa or Patt but I'll try 2 make up 4 it with this badass 3D pic of me & Deb waring 2 of our new #tcot t-shirts yo!

Clik any pic 2 enlarge

OMG 2 vue tha abuv pic in 3D, X ur eyes til tha 2 wite dots meat in tha center yo!
2 vue tha pic B-low in 3D, u nead those red-blue 3D Glasses!

Theze R our new like #tcot t-shirts wich R on sail online Yay!
U can peep Deb's bettar in tha pic B-low:

Theze #tcot t-shirts, swetshirts & hoodys R ONLY 4 #tcot L8YS
& tha peeps who luv em yo!

Ciao lovers!
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