Tuesday, June 5, 2012

OMG Conservative Princess Hedlines OMG!

1.  Is Wisconsin Recall a Referendum on Public Sector Unions?

2.  Court Rules Marine Cannot Challenge Government Subsidizing Shariah Law

3.  Obama Has Big Plans for When Republican 'Fever' Breaks

4. Do I Get Any Benefits If I Marry My Dog?
haha..thought that was funny! 

5.  Dems Abandoning Obama and Joining GOP
OMG TYSM Conservative Princess Yay!
OMG I wanted 2 like put a like image by ImpeachTheIdiot hear but like his new 1 is like DIRTY yo OMG!
Its like SOOOOOO Nasty yo omg.
I cant evan like D-SCRIBE it 2 u omg #SHOCKERING
Trust me u wuld not think of me as a L8Y if I RTed that pic OMG.
So umm hears this oldar pic insted Yay:
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