Sunday, February 16, 2014

Modest Church Pinups for Sunday Yay!

 ABUV: Im telling Deb all about St Francis yo!
Now back 2 get brunch reddy 4 my boyfrend & his Mom whose coming over!
Debs guna help yo! #SisterLuv
U can peep 1 of tha new outfits my badass BF got me 4 V-Day.
He ALSO got me aprons & a like VACCUUM CLEANERER.
It waznt tha engagemint ring I was hoping 4 but its proof he
thinx I'd B a good wife yo! #Romantic

OMG on evry Sunday I reed do u?
& EVRY day I reed #tcot


  1. YOU GALS ARE BEAUTIFUL love you and this site