Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Darrell Issa vs. SOPA: Tha Battle Ragez On Yo omg

OMG its me Deb OMG wat a buncha hedlines OMG Hooray!

My Sistar's Twitter Freind Darrell Issa is like TOTELLY BADASS YO!
REDST8: "Darrell Issa Gets Clever Against SOPA"
OMG Lee & I luv tha werld but H8 SOPA omg

TheBLAZE: Ron Paul Peeps Cat-Fiting With Majer Media

FrontPorchPolatix: Duz Mint Ronny Know tha Constitution??

Godfather Polatix: OMG tha 20 Hour Work Weak??!!??
I culd NEVAR werk that meny hours in a weak om I nead 2 like lay down now from thinking about it omg

P8riotUpd8: Obama 2 ID All Intarnets Userizers??!!?
OMG I'm a intarnets userizer OMG OMG!

& Last but most certinly not leest,
HERITAGE: Beneath Growth... a SEA... yes, a SEA... a sea of POIZON OMG OMG!!!
Thats 2 bad yo cuz I was hopin 4 tha Sea of Holes or tha Sea of Grean Hooray!

OMG reed my sistar's twitter cuz its like totelly badass

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