Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patt's Day News Yippee!!

OMG St. PattRiot209 here with St. Patt's Day News Yippee!

Vision To America: Get Ready for the GOP Brokered Convention

Conservative Byte: Is Ron Paul Copying Those American Girls
& Considering a Third Party Run?

TheBLAZE: What if Someone Nukes DC? 

Front Porch Politics: Newt Supporters Evenly Split

& For St Patt's Day, check THESE stories out:

Irish Coffee, American Ingenuity: 

Irish Pray For Everyone Moving Out of Ireland

OMG They Even Celebrate St. Patt's in Kansas City yo!

Feel free to join me, St. @PattRiot209 as I fill in on the page today Yippee!
OMG & join us at lunchtime for Alicia & Deb's
St. Patt's Day Radio Special!!!!

Everyone have a great holiday!

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