Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OMG Conservativ Princess News 4/24/2012

OMG LOVERS!! Conservativ Princess has sent us a buncha hedlines omg Yay!
1.  Christian Singer Teaches Girls That Modest Is Hottest
Now I dont normelly intarrupt Lisa wen shes like on a role but Ive based my hole intire carear on tha idea that modest is modest & hot is hot. Now this chick is singin that hot is not hot & modest is not boring & OMG LOVERS MY BRANE IS COMFUZED YO!!
So I d-sided 2 hav a like VOTE & leeve it up 2 alla U!
U can ethar vote 4 MODEST hear:
& ur reward is a pic of me dressd modestly
(or as modestly as I dress anyhoo)
or U can VOTE 4 SLUTTY b-ing tha hottist hear:
& ur reward is a pic of me waring my sluttyest bakini OMG Yay!!
Vote as menny times as u want, voting closes ummm... L8R on Yay!
Now back 2 Consrevativ Princess News!!! #BADASS
2.  Are We Headed Toward The Constitution Or The Communist Manifesto?

3.  The Bloated Government Of America

4.  Rubio Is Latest To Join Romney On Campaign Trail

5.  The Metrics In Favor Of A Romney Win

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