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Casual Meyhem's Rant 4/23/2013

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Disclaimer: My two least favorite music genres are Rap and Country, or probably Country and Rap actually. So musically, “Accidental Racist” never stood a snowball’s chance in hell of making me a fan. That said….
Erick Holder once called us a “Nation of Cowards” because we won’t have an honest and open dialogue on race.  Well, we’ve got one now, are we cowards or not?
Brad Paisley and LL Cool J aren’t cowards. They set it out there and offended everybody. Did anyone stop to think that somehow being offended at a lousy but well intended song means only that we are all way too easily offended? Hell, there are folks who use being offended as a career path!
(And you know who you are!)
That is exactly the kind of idiocy that prevents an “honest and open dialogue.”  If we really want a dialogue, we are going to need to grow thicker skins, speak our minds and, let the other people do the same. Personal restraint is obviously not adequate for this discussion. So to force it, I don’t know, maybe use two sound booths and shut off the microphones when it’s not a person’s turn to speak.  Might be good concept for presidential debates too, but I digress.
If we are ever to judge people by “the content of their character” we’ve got to listen to them long enough to discover what it is. If we want some kind of objective truth, we must listen to the lies and know them for what they are, regardless of personal discomfort.
This will not be a job for histrionic race baiters. Hell, they aren’t even funny anymore, just sad.  But more to the point, they are destructive to the very ends they claim to support. If screaming “RACIST!” every time someone says something you don’t agree with was going to work, it would have worked DECADES AGO!
My truths?
No matter what you say or do, not everyone is going to agree with you.  The flip side is at least you are not required to agree with everyone else.
At some point, trying to make people like you is simply not worth it.
There are people who do not want an honest debate. For varying reasons preventing honest dialogue is in their direct interest.  Take Al Sharpton, he makes his living race-baiting. There are many others.
No answer or solution is ever permanent. Things change without anyone’s permission.
So, are we cowards?  Don’t convince me, convince yourselves.
I’m done.  You may fire when ready.

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