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OMG now its time 4 anuthar random rant from our badass tweeter frend, @CasualMeyhem (no relashen 2 @MCasual)

The youngest constituents
Thoughtless, shallow, ignorant, self-centered, arrogant, ungrateful, rude, uncouth, reckless, greedy, bellicose, people who drive horribly and listen to lousy music far too loudly. But enough about my generation.

I’ve noticed some people (who would be brilliant if they just agreed with me) seem to think, the youth vote just isn’t that important. If you look only at the numbers you would be correct. But there are some things being overlooked that the Democrats have been using to their benefit for a long time now.

Let’s start with these nuggets.

They grow up: Regardless of your opinion of the kids today, they are going to be the adults of tomorrow. They are not going to ask permission any more than we did. You may want to be on speaking terms with them before that happens. No one is in the same demographic forever.

They remember what you say and do: In my experience I remember what my parents and teachers said to me to a shocking degree. Brilliant or stupid, nice or mean, thoughtful or off the cuff, that sort of thing defined my starting point as I started to develop my own opinions about everything.

They hold grudges: Do you remember that one teacher or adult who did that horribly unjust thing to you back in whatever grade? So do I. I’ve spent decades vowing not to be like that S.O.B. Mostly I’ve succeeded. Maybe I’ll calm down eventually. It’s only been twenty odd years after all.

They are education-impaired: We send these young people to schools and pay professors lots of money to tell them about the left side of every issue. If you want them to ever hear an opposing view, you have to give it to them. Not arguing so much as “Have you considered x,y,z?” As often as not, no one has ever told them about it at all, much less without attacking them. Give them some new data and let them work it out. They will come around. They are education –impaired, not stupid.

They are darned useful: Did you know this last election my Precinct captain was unable to go door to door because she was just not healthy enough? (Neither was I) It was the younger ones we counted on to do that sort of thing because we could not. There were also volunteers that were not even old enough to vote that worked the call centers. So what if it was a part time teen dating service – you’ve never seen that many chaperones in one place in your life. I honestly can’t think of a safer place to drop off a teen.

In conclusion, have you noticed the shellacking the right has been taking lately? We gave the left this high ground without a fight. We must take it back.

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