Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jon Stewart Unfair to Cartoons

Hello all, Patt Riot here Wheeeeee!
I was perambulating past The Daily Show the other day and noticed how racially diverse their cast members are. And yet there is one ethnicity shockingly ignored by this hydra head of the Liberal Media. I'm writing of course about my OWN race: CARTOONISH.

No, there are NO cartoonish people represented on the Daily Show, and I for one am sick of it.

And another thing, Mr. Stewart: Get some SERIOUS conservative reporters on your show.
Most of them almost sound as though they were joking half the time!

I think BOTH of these problems could be solved quite easily:
Hire ME, Patt Riot, as your new reporter!

Or, failing that, could you help me get a gig on one of the FOX channels?
Their shows are all much more entertaining than Comedy Central's anyway wheeeee!


OMG our good friend Casual Meyhem has another anti-leftist rant online:

I wonder what THIS one is about? Click HERE to find out Huzzah!

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