Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Report on tha Heritage Foundation by Debbie American Hooray!

The Heritage Foundation
A Report by
Debbie American Hooray!

OMG Lee sez I have bin getting 2 like liberal L8ly so she like essigned me 2 write this report Hooray!

OK Who R Tha Heritage Foundation?
I didnt know OMG!
So I like went 2 wickedpedia & gess wat?
It turns out their like TOTELLY BADASS
& stuff & evrything.

Like OK get this--
thay thot Richerd Nixon was like 2 libral, C?
So thay got 200 thouzend dollers from Coors Beer
& used tha munny 2 hire tha smartist, craftiest MFers thay knew in tha whole werld OMG!
Thay set up a like oparashen snail mailing peeps begging 4 munny
& gess wat?
Within 3 yeers, thay was making a MILLYUN DOLLERS A YEER 2 do nuthing!

Now THAT is like a like amazing American sukcess story Hooray!

But like altho U & I mite have stoppd their & spent tha munny on weed & like chilled,
tha Heritage boys took it 2 tha next leval yo!
So thay payed theze eval insain wizerds 2 think,
"How can we like ruin tha lives of our emenies
& make America tha way JUST WE want it?"
& thay like rote it all down & thay like handed it 2 Prezadent Reagan and them
Reagan did 60% of there ideas tha 1st yeer yo!
& he like got them jobs & stuff?
OMG so they were like IN yo OMG

So than basicly tha rest of American histry has bin watevar thay want LOL.

Wanna know Y Clinton culdnt get helthcare past?
Heritage didnt like it yo.
Wanna know Y Clinton ended welfare agenst tha wishes of his own party?
Heritage thot it was a gud idea OMG!

End so on!

2 me tho, tha most amazing thing about Heritage is that thay R listed as
5i5th most influenshel thinktank LOL
Like OMG their R 4 more with MORE powar then Heritage?
OMG do tha guys in thoze othar thinktanks like leep tall biuldings in a singal bound? OMG

Wat was I saying?

Oh yah OMG

So like tha thing is, American histry since 1981 haz bin writtan by Coors Beer, yo.
Its not like thay had tha most munny, thay just UZED there munny
2 pay genious wizerds 2 THINK & rite down there ideas yo!
Aftar tha 1st 200 thouzend startup thay erned a profit OMG.
U can say thats lotsa munny but its not millyuns, its not evan 1 millyun.
Wethar u agree with there apinions or not, u haf2 agree
Heritage Foundation is tha ultimit American story
about puttin ur munny wear ur MOUTH is OMG!

OMG Im dun now I can play Hooray!

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