Tuesday, December 6, 2011


OMG it's our freind Generic Republican from tha Twitter yo!
He's def 1 of tha Top Conversatives on Twitter so we R gunna intervu him now Yay!
ALICIA AMERICAN: How did you come 2b calld Generic Republican?

GENERIC REPUBLICAN: That’s an interesting story. My parents were big fans of Gene Autry and Eric Clapton. They did like the look of Eric-gene or Gene-eric. Then they noticed that Gene ended in “e” and Eric began with “e” so they just dropped the duplicate “e”. Is there a
better tribute to your two favorite singer / songwriters then to name you child after
them? My Dad’s last name was Republican. You would think a boy named Generic
would get picked on a lot at school, but it is just the opposite. I was a good, quality
friend to everyone and I saved them money because I insisted that they not buy me
any presents for my birthday.
AA: Is it true U can beet Obama? Wat can u beet him @?
GR: Yes, I most certainly can beat Obama. Rather than telling you the things I can beat him at, which is a very long list, I will share with you the shorter list of things I can’t beat him at. Obama can beat me at:
  1. Fundamentally transforming America
  2. Number of vacation days
  3. Golf (I don’t play but if I did play I would beat him)
  4. Lying
  5. Hypocrisy
  6. Wasting taxpayer money
  7. Hiring incompetent people
  8. Hiring of Czars
  9. Community organizing
  10. Having friends that blow up buildings
  11. Having friends that hate Israel
  12. Screwing up the Middle East
  13. Destroying domestic oil production
I might have missed a few but pretty much everything else I can beat him at.

AA: What do you like best and worst about Twitter?

GR: What I like best about Twitter are the people that follow me. They are the smartest people anywhere in the universe. What I like least about Twitter are all the people that don’t follow me. Justin Beiber’s got 15 million followers. He tweets useless stuff like “happy birthday shoutout to my friend @britneyspears.” I tweet good stuff like “Save Money, Vote Generic! We can’t afford any more brand named liberals or RINOs”

AA:  If u culd say anything 2 evry1 in tha contry, wat wuld u say?

GR: Follow me and @thoseUSAgirls on Twitter. Read and understand the Constitution. Carry a Constitution with you and slap liberals and RINOs with it when they say something liberally or rino-ally. Follow me and @thoseUSAgirls on Twitter. Vote for constitutional conservative republicans. Follow me and @thoseUSAgirls on Twitter.

AA: Who is hottar, me or Deb?

Wow. Most politicians would figure out a way to not answer this question but I am not your typical politician. First of all, you both are off the hot scale. The Jessica Rabbit scale needs to be used to measure your hotness. You both are so hot that you must have only about 30 seconds to eat ice cream before it is melted by your extreme hotness.

AA: So in othar words, I'm hottar. OK. Y is it so COLD in Florida now? Who do we complane 2 yo?

GR: When it comes to questions of weather my go to guy is Al Gore. According to Al Gore, the cold weather in Florida is due to Global Warming. Or is it Climate Change?

I did get some insight into the Florida weather while following the Occupy Movement. I learned from them that the weather in Florida is also due to the 1%ers not paying their fair share in taxes. If we would just take more of the wealth of the 1%ers it will never be cold in Florida ever again.

AA: Can u like PLS name 3 or more peeps we shuld intervu 4 our new TCOT blog?

Yes I can. @polarcoug @Obamasautopen @politiJim @aprylmarie @trisha2522 @bpepoydensmore There are many others but this is a good start.

YAY! OMG YAY!! Thank U so munch Gerenic Republican OMG evry1 follow him on tha twitter OMG Yay!

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