Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OMG SOPA is BAD OMG! by Debbie American Hooray!


OMG I wanted 2 rite a report this weak on Santa Claus becuz its like almost Xmas & stuff & evrything Hooray!

But Lee sed Santa is not polatix & this is a polatix blog Booo.

So she like told me 2 rite this or rite that & I got saddar & saddar & I cryed & Lee apogolized cuz she sed I lookt as sad as back in skool wen tha teechars wantid me 2 add or subtract LOL!

OMG so we wer talkin about stuff & we both like rilly H8 this SOPA thing in Congress that wuld end internet freedom in tha US & make China like LOL @ us & stuff & evrything OMG its bad stuff OMG. So than Lee sed, "Hay! SOPA is polatix! Rite about SOPA Hooray!" Well, actully she didn't say Hooray I sed Hooray LOL!

So yah SOPA is this bill that was rittan by congresspeeps who R about as smrt as me & as greedy as my sistar but without any1 nice like Lucy advizing tham yo OMG! Tha guy that rote it, Smith from Texas, he has gottan like $50K from tha entertanemint industry ovar tha yeers so he rote this bill that wuld basicly make record compeny prezadents in charge of censorship in America! Thay wuld basicly B tha bosses of tha Attorny General, who wuld now B able to turn off any websight he wantid 2.

Conservativs-- IMAGIN if Obama culd TURN OFF any websight he wanted 2 OMG!

Librals-- IMAGIN tha next Repub Prez having tha powar 2 TURN OFF any websight he wants 2!

and OMG!!!! Imagin RECORD COMPENY DUDES d-siding our free speach rites OMG!

I meen srsly like OMG + WTF = SOPA
Thats finelly sum math evan I can like undarstend LOL OMG

OMG & like evry1 thot SOPA was killded last weak but like OMG NO--
2moro (Wednesday) their guna like try 2 sneek it thru agen OMG!

Their is or was a like alternativ calld OPEN that was like LOTS bettar & was co-writtan by Darrell Issa who I think follows my sistar on tha Twitter Hooray! He's badass yo OMG!

Umm wat else? Oh yah SOPA is bad OPEN is good OMG the END Hooray!

Debbie's Bibleography:
It wuld brake tha internets according 2 guys who use big werds:

Lamar Smith-- how much $$ he gets & from wear:
Using dirty tricks 2 ram this thru, including lying wich is RONG & MEEN:

Explaining it bettar then I can:
How it wuld brake internets security & ruin internet funktion:

Cory Doctorow is riting alot about this on BoingBoing Hooray:

OMG skroll down 4 news from Conversative Princess Hooray!

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