Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conservative Princess Valantines Day Hedlines Yay!

OMG darlings, it's ME, Alicia American, not like sum intern or watevar OMG ur so like lucky! & wat do I hav WITH me? OMG Valantines Palitical Hedlines chozen by like Conversative Princess herself, http://twitter.com/LisaLisa922 Yay! I have not actully red any of theze myself on account of this B-ing Valantines Day & me having 2 meny guyz 2 like flirt with & teeze yo!!!

OMG so hear R tha like hedlines OMG HAPPY VALANTINES DAY LOVERS!!!


and Conservative Princess's twitter:
http://twitter.com/LisaLisa922 Yay!

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