Saturday, February 25, 2012

Uncensored Weekend Headlines Yippee!

OMG Alicia said it would be okay since I'm doing the twitter today if I also
did some headlines!! For me this is very exciting!
I get to help spread unbiased, honest and fair news and opinion
without the liberal slant most media these days seems obliged to insert Yippee!

I also want to say that since I wondered publicly if klout and gmail had a liberal slant,
our klout score rose and the Heritage Foundation newsletters stopped going into the spam folder.
YOU decide!

And now, some headlines "THEY" don't want you to see:

Heritage: Justice Ginsburg says South African Constitution Superior to U.S. Constitution

TheBLAZE: Man Falls Asleep During Joe Biden Speech 

Conservative Byte: Why Not Have a Limbaugh Debate? 

VisionToAmerica: Obama Thinks The Rich Should Pay More to Be Americans 

PatriotUpdate: Is the Occupy Movement a Secret Plot to Re-Elect Obama? 

Personal Liberty Digest: The Shadow of Goldman Sachs

Front Porch Politics: US Judge Says Muslims Can Legally Assault Atheists

Godfather Politics: Gun Control Comes to Major League Baseball
Red State's Recent Headline Collection:

CATO Institute/Daily Caller: Obama Tax Code Unfair to Wealthy 

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Happy Saturday!!

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